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jumP Takes a Big Leap with Portal Film

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Hopeless. That's how the prisoner at the center of

Portal: No Escape

, a short film cut by jumP's David Trachtenberg, directed by Danny T, feels. Under constant video surveillance, she bounces around her cell, exercises, sits dolefully on her cot, picks at the food tossed through a trap door at regular intervals - whatever she must to bear her circumscribed existence.

But the film, based upon Valve Corporation and EA's hit videogame franchise, blows up into a full-scale action flick when the prisoner discovers a cannon hidden in the wall - a high-powered device capable of creating portals to abet her escape. As guards burst in to stop her, she outwits them continually in a thrilling chase to the rooftop, where she stands poised to flee the place forever.

The film quickly surpassed two million hits on YouTube and has become a must-mention in the blogosphere. "I can't believe the momentum


has gained so quickly," noted David. "This was a really cool personal project for me in that I was able to team up with my brother, but professionally, the results have been unreal."

Portal: No Escape
Portal: No Escape
Portal: No Escape

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Portal: No Escape

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

DP: Keith Dunkerley

Producer(s): Cathleen Alexander, Stephen Hens, Ashley Adams

Editorial: jumP LA

Editor: David Trachtenberg

MD: Dee Tagert

EP: Betsy Beale

Colorist: Rob Sciarratta

VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Jon Chesson

Compositor(s): Jonathan Skabla, Eddie Porter, Cesar Kuriyama, Eva Snyder, Kevin Jones, Joshua Galbincea, Mike Gaines

VFX Artist: Paul Griswold

Matte Painter: Maxx Burman

3D Matchmover(s): Marco De Goeij, Marijn Eken, Graham Herbster, Michael Theurer, Dacklin Young

Character TD: Scott Rosenkrans

3D Modeler(s): Glenn Southern, Wes Griffith

Roto/Paint Artist(s): Jamie Yu, Joshua Galbincea

Additional Compositing: Mark Leiss

On-set VFX Supervisor(s): Eli Guerron, Mike Gaines

Composer: Mike Zarin

Sound Design: Beacon Street Studios

Sound Supervisor: Sean "Slayton22" Smith

Re-Recording Mixer: Dante Fazio

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