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jumP LA Cuts Better, Stronger, Smarter Spot for Mazda

The crossover vehicle is still trying to figure itself out – is it a large car? A small SUV? Something in between? jumP LA Editor Patrick Griffin, working with Smuggler Director Filip Engstrom and The Mill, tackles this riddle in a humorous and engaging story of a spot introducing Mazda’s new CX-5 crossover.

Better, Stronger, Smarter

, borrowing music from and paying visual homage to 1970s hit TV series

The Six Million Dollar Man

, opens on a beaten-up jalopy sailing across the desert, its multi-colored doors falling off and tumbling into the dust trail behind it. As the hood pops off in a geyser of sparks and the dumbfounded driver pulls the gear shift right off the frame, the narrator assails the current generation of crossovers as a mish-mosh of compromises that have created vehicles suitable for nobody.

Shift scenes to Mazda’s state-of-the-art labs, where an armada of white suit coats labors tirelessly to create the CX-5. Griffin delivers a parade of images portraying the staff at work behind elaborate testing machines, clocks, gauges, and giant computer screens, until they kick out their new creation, a “crossover without compromise.”

“I was a huge fan of the

Six Million Dollar Man

growing up, so it was really fun for me to cut this spot,” noted Griffin. “The biggest challenge we faced here was cutting all the funny footage that Filip shot down to a coherent 60.”

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Client: Mazda of North America

Spot Title:

Better, Stronger, Smarter

Air Date: April 2012

Agency: The Garage Team Mazda

Chief Creative Officer: Harvey Marco

CD/Copywriter: Napper Tandy

CD/Art Director: Dino Spadaveccia

Art Director: Aaron Onsurez

Copywriter: Owen Flint

Director of Integrated Production: Jamil Bardowell

Producer: Brandon Boerner

Production Company: Smuggler

Director: Filip Engstrom

Director of Photography: Par Ekberg

EP: Laura Thoel

Producer: Kendall Henry

Editorial: jumP LA

Editor: Patrick Griffin

Assistant Editor: Keith Hamm

EP: Betsy Beale

Producer: Gavin Carroll

Visual Effects: The Mill LA

Sound Design/Mix: 740 Sound

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