jumP and mcgarrybowen Chase Their Reward

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Michael Saia of New York-based jumP cuts a witty campaign for Chase via mcgarrybowen and Director Jeff Preiss.

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Ladies Man/Rufus - Just as we safely assume a handsome gentleman awaits a slew of bachelorettes to whom he will reward a lavish dinner, we cut to his daughters, wife and mother approaching his table, grinning ear-to-ear. We then presume a woman hopes to reward herself with a new house, until her shaggy pooch Rufus stumbles through the doggy door. Closing on the final notes of the spot's jazzy score, the canine shows off his digs as the VO urges us to chase our reward.

Father Son/Triplets asks us where we earn our Chase Rewards. We open in a kitchen where a father tacks "utility bills" onto his list of most frequent expenses after his son carelessly leaves the refrigerator door ajar. Then, in a cluttered home of five, new parents list their expenses in obvious congruence with their hectic situation-toddler triplets. As his daughter spits up on his shirt, the father instinctively adds dry cleaners to their list.

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Saia commented on his efforts, "The agency's clever scripts combined with Jeff's (Preiss) unique take on them made this a fun experience for me. Particularly satisfying was the music. I cut with a track recorded by a jazz guitarist friend of mine, Stephane Wrembel who was ultimately hired to write and play for final picture. It's always great when things work out that way as it keeps the original musical spirit intact."

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The Creds:

Client: Chase
Spots Title: Ladies Man/Rufus :30, Father Son/Triplets :30
Air Date: November 2008
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Agency ECD(s): Gordon Bowen, Danny Gregory, Haydn Morris
Sr. Producer: Stacy Edelstein
Prod Company: Epoch
Director: Jeff Preiss
EP: Doug Halbert
Producer: Terri Shafirov
Editorial: jumP/NY
Editor: Michael Saia
Asst. Editor: William Zitser
Managing Director: Dee Tagert
EP: Elizabeth Krajewski
Telecine: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Chris Ryan
Post/Effects: Manic
Conform: Johnny Starace
Audio Post: Manic
Mix: Stephane Guyot

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About jumP:

jumP is an award-winning, New York-based creative editorial boutique focusing on commercials, features, short films, music videos, and emerging media content. The firm works with a wide-range of top-tier brands, directors, and agencies continually delivering powerful and efficient results for each of its clients. The company roster includes Partner/Editors: Luis Moreno and Michael Saia, Editors: Lin Polito, William Zitser and David Bryen, Partner/Managing Director: Dee Tagert and Executive Producer Elizabeth Krajewski.

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