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Los Angeles, CA – (July 1, 2009) – Earlier this year, the agency creatives at Barrie D’Rozario Murphy/Minneapolis turned to the talents of Editor Jonathan Del Gatto for an innovative video art piece for the Chambers Hotel. The intriguing project has garnered prestigious awards this season including a Cannes Gold Lion and an AICP Next Award.

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A 30-minute “video art pieceâ€? was created for the hotel that was designed to provoke and draw attention to the bar area. Video material was installed on monitors throughout the hotel’s bar. Video monitors mounted over the bar show apparently live surveillance shots of areas throughout the hotel, including guest room interiors, and “guests.â€? Customers at the hotel bar see more, though, than just private scenes of “guestsâ€? in bed, or in the bathroom. They also see provocative scenes that are obviously staged, eg a nun praying, a couple ballroom dancing, a couple having an argument, a man in a chicken costume, a blow-up doll, an alien, a clown, etc.

For Del Gatto, this project gave him the opportunity to collaborate once again with agency creatives Stuart D’Rozario and Bob Barrie, and on an innovative, creative project. The team was just wrapping up an advertising campaign for Best Buy, when the Chambers Hotel project began. Jonathan was already on location in Minneapolis and staying at the Chambers Hotel, so when the project came along: the team was well in place to begin. Director Peter Nydrle arrived with a small crew and did a great job shooting unique scenarios. I was given hours and hours of material, that I then formed into the video art piece.�

Always keen throughout his career to take on art projects, for Del Gatto, this season’s awards for the Chambers Hotel project have been especially rewarding. “I have always believed in taking on projects simply based on the creativity, regardless of venue or money,� he explains. “This also gave me a great opportunity to combine my skills from my early days of editing for MTV in New York, my work on advertising campaigns, and in most recent years, my work on feature films. So this has been wonderful, and incredibly gratifying.�


Agency: Barrie D’Rozario Murphy/Minneapolis
Executive Creative Directors: Stuart D’Rozario, Bob Barrie
Copywriter: Stuart D’Rozario
Agency Producer: Jack Steinmann

Production Company: Nydrle/Hollywood
Director: Peter Nydrle
Producer: Adele Amos

Editor: Jonathan Del Gatto (Butcher Edit; now at BEAST)

Other Credits:
Art Directors: Bob Barrie, Brian Lambert
Agency Creative: Brian Lambert
Executive Producer: Garner Kinmond 

About Editor Jonathan Del Gatto:

Jonathan Del Gatto is an award-winning editor of commercials, films, music videos, and television. His work has been recognized in most major film festivals and advertising award shows. He has earned a Sundance Short Filmmaking Award, a Cannes Golden Lion, seven London International Advertising Awards, an AICP Editing Award, and eight inclusions into the permanent film/TV collection at Museum of Modern Art New York, including one this year.

He has edited 1000 commercials and many highly profiled music videos for artists such as Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Puff Daddy. Advertisers such as Nike, Budweiser, Ford, and Coca-Cola have repeatedly called for his services. Jonathan has edited many profiled spots for directors Marcus Nispel, Dante Ariola, Rob Cohen, and Craig Gillespie, and was honored to have a commercial for Ideacast included in the Cannes advertising award show last year.

Jonathan is available for commercial editorial through BEAST, which has offices in Santa Monica, New York, and Austin Texas. He is independently managed for film and television editorial..
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