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Jet Stream Sound Booming: Moves to New Studios

Independent sound company’s new facilities include a theatrical dub stage.

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif.—Buoyed by a string of successes in film, television, commercials and video games,

Jet Stream Sound

has moved into a new studio complex in Universal City. More than twice the size of its previous site, the company’s new digs features a theatrical dub stage, two re-recording studios, ADR and voice recording facilities, Foley and an extensive sound effects library.

Jet Stream’s new facilities are located near Universal Studios in a site that also houses Ignition Post, which offers editorial and graphic design services. The two companies have worked together frequently in the past, and plan more and deeper collaborations in the future. Boutique sound company Studio Z is also located at the site.

The company’s theatrical dub stage features a Digidesign Icon mixing console. It also features a large projection screen and an HD 1080p projector via Avid video satellite. The dub stage and the two mixing studios include latest generation ProTools HD workstations. The ADR and voice recording studio can accommodate large groups of talent and also support recording via ISDN or Skype.
Launched in 2008, Jet Stream enjoyed quick success by initially focusing on areas of the market underserved by major sound studios and delivering a level of service unavailable through other independent boutiques. “We spin straw into gold,” explains Rick Larimore, a supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer, who founded the company with composer and re-recording mixer Steve Cahill. “Clients come to us because we offer a complete package of audio services. We provide experienced, A-list talent, we deliver big studio quality and we do so at a competitive price.”
A quick read of Jet Stream’s recent project list indicates how popular that formula has proven to be. The company has provided full sound services for the indie titles DISconnected (MTV), Jabberwock (SyFy), A Little Help (with Jenna Fischer and Chris O’Donnell) and Fading of the Cries (with Brad Dourif), the reality TV series Trick My What? (CMT) and Pawn Queens (TLC), an artistic interstitial series broadcast for the Oprah Winfrey Network, and a new commercial campaign for Dell.
Additionally, it has provided voice recording services for several game titles, including Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, a winner of a Canadian Video Games Award for Best Audio. In a project for Lionsgate, Jet Stream, translated, adapted, cast, then helmed ADR sessions for 12 recent Chinese films for re-mastering in English.
Jet Stream Sound is located at 4130 Cahuenga Blvd. Suite 100, Universal City, California 91602. For more information, call 323.883.0123 or visit