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Bringing JBL DrivePack® technology to an even broader variety of applications, the company is introducing its Venue Performance (VP) Series of powered loudspeaker systems. Designed for portable or fixed installation sound reinforcement applications where high output, low distortion, and the highest quality sound is required, the VP Series is compliant with Harman Professional‘s HiQnet System Architect™ software for remote control and monitoring.

All six models of the VP Series are optimized for applications where multiple individual loudspeakers are required for a distributed system or where multiple loudspeakers will be configured into arrays for point-source clusters. Each system features a JBL DrivePack electronics module, designed in coordination with Crown International, JBL‘s Harman sister company. 2-way and 3-way models deliver 2200 watts peak output power, 1100 watts of continuous power to the transducer sections, and 3600 watts peak output power, 1800 watts of continuous power is available with the subwoofer model. The JBL DrivePack operates on auto-selecting line voltages at 50 or 60 Hz for worldwide operation.

“The new JBL Professional Venue Performance Series loudspeaker systems incorporate JBL‘s time-proven technologies and innovative engineering integrated with Crown‘s patented amplifier technology, while introducing a new level of versatility to the company‘s line of award-winning products,” said Ted Leamy, VP of Installed Sound, JBL Professional. “The JBL VP Series comprises the most technically advanced and best-sounding loudspeaker systems in their class.”

The VP Series features JBL Differential Drive® cone transducers for high power with light weight and the new 2452H-SL compression driver featuring a lightweight neodymium magnet structure, 4” damped laminate diaphragm and 1.5”exit. This next-generation device delivers crystal-clear sound with exceptionally low distortion and smooth response characteristics. Progressive Transition™ (PT) waveguides are easily rotated for either horizontal or vertical system orientation. VP Series systems feature ergonomically designed powder-coated steel handles to enhance handling of the loudspeaker during load-ins and load-outs. Industry-standard air-cargo track suspension and M10 threaded suspension points combine to provide the most flexible solutions for overhead suspension applications, be it a single enclosure or a multi-enclosure array.

All models feature the DPAN input module as standard, including analog audio inputs and sophisticated onboard digital signal processing technology. Precision band-pass limiting, pre-equalization filters and automatic self-test functions ensure optimized performance. The DPAN input module features 100 Mb Ethernet networking functionality and HiQnet compatibility.

Network control and monitoring is enabled by the JBL device control panel supplied within HiQnet System Architect. A Windows-based application, this comprehensive control and monitoring surface provides an intuitive, unified platform for system configuration and operation of not only JBL DrivePack-equipped systems, but any other HiQnet-compliant audio devices in the signal chain, such as JBL‘s VERTEC® DP Line Array Series. HiQnet System Architect enables the unified layout of on-screen product control surfaces, and preset configuration of an entire system made up of HiQnet-compliant products across multiple brands and product classes.

Advanced remote control and diagnostic capabilities, custom control panel creation, unified event logging and error reporting for the entire system, and the recall of presets on all connected HiQnet devices are included.

All VP Series models can be ordered with the optional DPCN input module. The DPCN input module is also HiQnet compatible, with CobraNet™ digital audio input capabilities.



RTI Names Cyrille Vergely as Dealer Experience Manager

RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, today announced that Cyrille Vergely has joined the company as its Dealer Experience Manager, Europe and Middle East. In his new role, he will ensure an exceptional experience for the company's dealers in the region by providing training, technical support and project design assistance.


IHSE Introduces a Two-Port KVM Switching Solution for HDMI 481 Series

Addressing market demand for increased security conditions when connecting multiple computers to a single workstation area, IHSE now offers a compact two-port KVM switching solution for extended-distance connections between computer sources and user stations. The new 2x1 system makes is possible to leverage multiple computers or servers at one desk by utilizing a single keyboard, mouse, and display. Thanks to the company's award-winning Draco vario 481 series extenders for HDMI, signals can be shared across long distances over a single fiber or Cat-X connection with perfect video quality and zero mouse latency. This new two-port package from IHSE offers convenience, enhanced security, and performance superior to that afforded by fixed-box solutions.