ITN Rolls Out Viz|Content Pilot To Channel 4 And More4 News Bulletins

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London -December 18, 2006: ITN staff can now upgrade their news graphics thanks to an investment in Vizrt‘s Viz|Content Pilot software, which is designed to help networks and departments share and manage content.

ITN supplies television news to the UK‘s two largest commercial broadcasters ITV1 and Channel 4, as well as providing a news service for Channel 4‘s free-to-air channel, More4. Earlier this year, ITN installed Viz|Content Pilot to update graphics for ITN‘s ITV network news bulletins. After a period of evaluation, it has now ordered Viz|Content Pilot systems for its Channel 4 and More 4 news contracts. The roll-out will continue next year with ITN‘s ITV London Regional news coming on line as well.

Paul Flook, Head of Broadcast Engineering for ITN, said: “Viz|Content Pilot gives staff the opportunity to adapt and update graphics templates. It took us a time to implement the software because we were pushing the limits of technology, but we‘ve achieved a system that now works so well on ITV main bulletins that we are rolling it out to Channel 4, More4 and, eventually, to ITV London regional bulletin.”

Unlike other template-based solutions, Viz|Content Pilot features an advanced import/export tool that can transfer graphics, templates, and data across the network with ease. The tool takes care of all the necessary dependencies and makes sure all elements such as graphic scenes, templates, template data, and images are in place. Graphics and templates can be created offline on any laptop and then easily transferred into a production system. Viz|Content Pilot also integrates to the Ardendo Asset Management product suite.

Companies using the system are supplied with a variety of template graphics, into which staff can enter new data, images or video in the animation. The 2D or 3D animation can then be saved to the database for playout. The templates can be accessed through any major newsroom system. Updating and playout can be achieved automatically or manually. Viz|Content Pilot includes a powerful multi-user playlist with real-time updates allowing multiple producers to update the playlist simultaneously. The playlist also features snapshot icon previews of all elements in the list.

Viz|Content Pilot is used throughout the world by every kind of TV broadcaster, from major TV networks to minor channels. Not limited to broadcast production Viz|Content Pilot can deliver graphics content to all types of graphic displays and can serve as the core content control system for all users that require speed, a consistent look and a streamlined workflow for their graphics.

As well as supplying Viz|Content Pilot to ITN, Vizrt has also assisted with training and support to help staff adapt to the new software.