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IRIDAS, Video Equipment Rentals and JMR Electronics Debut Innovative On-Set Stereo Playback System Built on SpeedGrade NX and Bluestor DigiLab Platform

Cine Gear 2011, Booth #109

Companies to Demonstrate IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX Playing Back On-Set Stereo Dailies from ARRI ALEXA, Epic 5K and Phantom 3D Cameras on JMR Bluestor DigiLab Systems

Munich, DE (June 2, 2011)


) announced today new details of an innovative new on-set stereo daily system leveraging new features of SpeedGrade NX, and built on JMR Electronics (

) powerful new Bluestor DigiLab platform. During Cine Gear Expo 2011, IRIDAS, Video Equipment Rentals (

), and JMR Electronics will feature a new RAW playback and dailies processing system at Cine Gear Expo 2011 based on SpeedGrade NX, IRIDAS’ newest system for color and 3D depth grading, playback, conform, and review. Cine Gear Expo (

) is being held at Paramount Studios this week on June 3 – 4, 2011. The system will be shown in VER’s booth #109 in the outdoor NY Streets area.

High resolution formats such as RED EPIC 5K, ARRI ALEXA RAW 3K, and Phantom 65 4K can be difficult to work with, especially in stereo 3D. The JMR Bluestor DigiLab leveraging SpeedGrade NX can easily handle the data rates and internal processing of these formats in real time stereo 3D, including RED Epic, an industry first. SpeedGrade NX de-Bayers the RAW digital negative files of every camera format natively, which allows high quality playback and stereo manipulations in real time.

IRIDAS’ industry-leading Universal RAW architecture, which supports virtually all RAW cameras used in production today, has been updated to include native support for the ARRI ALEXA V3 color science. V3 RAW files can be reviewed and graded instantly in real time and high fidelity. SpeedGrade NX handles ALEXA RAW playback in render quality previously requiring lengthy transcoding processes.

In addition to systems from RED and ARRI, IRIDAS continues to support virtually all other RAW-based cameras in the market, including cameras from Phantom, Weisscam, Silicon Imaging, Ikonoskop, Indiecam and others.

VER will make these systems available for rent as a companion to their extensive inventory of 3D camera rigs and cameras. VER has recently become one of the largest sources of stereo 3D equipment in the world. The JMR DigiLab is ideally suited to the rental market because of its rugged, shock-mounted construction and unquestionably high performance. VER also has service centers worldwide to ensure support for productions no matter where they are shooting.

SpeedGrade NX is priced at USD $19,999 and is available immediately for Windows, Mac and LINUX platforms.


For over a decade, IRIDAS has become world renowned for its innovations in the digital filmmaking industry, redefining the way artists view, manipulate, enhance and produce their digital creations. As the industry’s earliest pioneers of stereoscopic review solutions and real-time color grading and manipulation techniques, IRIDAS taps its legacy of engineering expertise to streamline production and post production workflows, from onset to finishing, and is making stereoscopic moviemaking an everyday reality. For more information, please visit