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Imagineer Systems Boosts VFX Workflow for After Effects Community; Announces ‘mocha for After Effects 2’ and ‘mocha shape for After Effects’

mocha for After Effects 2 Adds Significant Export Capabilities and Streamlines Workflows; mocha shape Lets AE Users Import Rotoscoping Shape Data from any Imagineer VFX Tool

GUILDFORD, UK (March 3, 2009) — One month to the day of its announced commitment to new product development and renewed innovation for accessible desktop VFX tools, Imagineer Systems (

) today is announcing two new developments for the After Effects Community. With this announcement, Imagineer Systems is adding significant workflow enhancements to its popular mocha for After Effects, and is introducing an entirely new VFX plug in solution, mocha shape for After Effects.

mocha for After Effects v2 is a major upgrade to the industry-popular tracking tool for Adobe After Effects and adds significant new capabilities, such as export of rotoscoping shape data and greatly improved tracking data export. Specifically, mocha for After Effects v2:

Exports any resolution, per point variable edge width roto shape data in the mocha shape format;
Allows users to export tracking data as After Effects CornerPin with motion blur;
Is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4.

mocha shape for After Effects is a plug in solution designed to import rotoscoping shape data directly into After Effects from any Imagineer Systems VFX tool. mocha shape is designed to import rotoscoping shape data exported from any Imagineer product into Adobe After Effects. With a simple copy and paste, After Effects artists can import multi-layer shape data with variable, per point edge feathering with out rendering. This capability helps save render time and streamline the work flow between Imagineer’s products and After Effects. mocha shape is available as both single and multi-seat licenses, making it affordable for both individuals and facilities.

mocha shape for After Effects features:

– The ability to paste any resolution roto shape data from Imagineer’s products to After Effects without rendering;
– Variable, per point edge width feathering;
– The ability to translate mocha layer names to After Effects compositions;
– High quality rendering;
– Various blend modes;
– Ability to render shape as cutout, color composite or color cutout;
– Compatibility with Adobe After Effects CS3 and CS4.

mocha shape for After Effects is compatible with mocha for After Effects v2. For current customers seeking information on upgrading to v2, please visit


Both mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape for After Effects have completed a successful beta testing and are available immediately from


Beta Testers Like What They See

Following its productive beta program, customers and testers had this to say about the new additions to the Imagineer Systems VFX family of solutions:

“By the way, the new mocha shape exporter is dope! The simple fact that you don’t have to render your mattes before exporting to After Effects makes mocha shape indispensable…..throw your renders away!â€?
Jim Geduldick, Co-Host, AENY and

“To say mocha After Effects v2 is a upgrade is an understatement it completely changes the way a roto artist can work in After Effects.  mocha for After Effects v2 has saved me countless hours of rotoscoping!�
Josh Johnson, Freelance VFX Artist

“mocha for After Effects gets a lot of use around here. Its tracking just works, so it makes very fast work of handling the typical image fix ups we do around here, which often includes removing objects from shots. In a recent job for a regional auto repair company, there were some logos on a toolbox behind the actor we needed to remove. In under an hour per shot we tracked the movement in the shot to place a cover up, and then roto’d the moving actor as he passed in front of it. It was quick and painless. Without mocha for After Effects, it would not of been doable on the client’s post budget. mocha for After Effects gave us a critical advantage over our competitors!â€?
Steve Oakley, Digital Illusionist – DP – Motion Graphics – Editing

Pricing and Availability

Both mocha for After Effects v2 and mocha shape for After Effects are available immediately and are priced as follows:

mocha for After Effects v2: $199.00
Upgrade to mocha for After Effects v2 (for current users): $99.00
mocha shape for After Effects: $99.00

Additionally, customers who wish to purchase both can receive a special bundle price of $149.00 when purchased before March 31, 2009.

About Imagineer Systems 

Imagineer Systems Ltd innovates and markets next-generation visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post production markets.  In response to a groundswell desire for a more innovative approach to VFX, Imagineer Systems has developed an entirely new VFX architecture, one that embraces better integration, collaboration, performance and feels like an extension of the creative thought process – mogul.  Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquis Hollywood blockbuster productions as Casino Royale, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of monetâ„¢ – placement station, mokeyâ„¢ – removal station, motorâ„¢ – roto station, mochaâ„¢ – tracking station, mocha for After Effectsâ„¢ – planar tracker for Adobe After Effects, and mocha shape for After Effects – the new rotoscoping shape import plug in for After Effects users. Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom.  For more information visit

.  For more information on mogul, please visit


Media Contact:
Kevin M. Bourke, BourkePR