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New Plug-ins Provide Image Quality Augmentation for Autodesk® Inferno®, Flint®, Flame®, Fire® and Smoke® Systems IMAGICA Technologies Corp., the engineering solutions division company of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc., announced today that


, a new set of image quality enhancement plug-ins for Autodesk® Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fire, and Smoke systems, is now shipping.


is a set of powerful noise reduction and clean-up filters designed to help improve a range of image quality problems typically faced by post production facilities. “


is a robust tool set that allows users to automate and simplify many time- and labor-intensive technical processes,� said Yasushi Mishima, President and CEO, IMAGICA Technologies Corp. “Post facilities such as Japan’s Q-TEC, Inc. are already tapping into the simplicity and power


provides, and like IMAGICA’s Primatte chromakey technology, we anticipate that its adoption will be widespread.�


plug-ins include filters to automate many routine image enhancement tasks: • O-gi: Video Signal Legalizer — Brings luminance/chroma levels smoothly into conformance with video "legal" limits. With most video legalizers, video signals that exceed legal video limits would be just chopped off causing details to be lost and resulting in a degradation of the video quality. This plug-in "soft clips" the illegal signal, maintaining the original details. It is best used before generating final output. • O-gi: Wrinkle Diminisher — Smoothes and beautifies skin imperfections. By simplifying the sequential operations for beautifying skin, operators are freed from more tedious techniques and rewarded with faster processing times. • O-gi: Mach Band Suppresser — Removes troublesome color banding in digital cel animation, which often does not become visible until after DVD encoding or is hidden by inferior monitors. • O-gi: Video Noise Detector — Helps isolate sources of visual noise within an image. • O-gi: Edge Preserving Smoother — Eliminates “sparkle� and grain noise while preserving edge details in the image. Most standard edge preserving filters allow film grain noise to be blurred, but often require complicated parameter adjustments to completely remove the noise. With this plug-in image noise can be easily removed with simple parameter adjustments.


was first shown at NAB 2008 and has been shipping since July 31, 2008.


will be shown at SIGGRAPH 2008, August 12-14 in booth #128 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and at IBC 2008 at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam.

Availability and Pricing


is available now. A free trial version is available for download at

(click the “Download O-gi� button and fill out the form in the linked page).

About IMAGICA Technologies Corp.

IMAGICA Technologies Corp. (ITC) is a division of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc., one of the largest entertainment technology companies in Japan. ITC provides a line of software products which includes the industry-leading Primatte keying technology for blue and green screen removal, and the O-gi image processing plug-in package for Autodesk Inferno, Flame, Flint, Fire and Smoke platforms. For more information, please visit

or call +81-3-3238-2677.



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