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New Windows-Based Application To Offer Special Effects Capabilities To Home Users

IMAGICA Corp. of America, the U.S. sales division of IMAGICA Technologies Corp., announced today that the company is releasing a new $99 application that allows users to do green or blue screen removal at home using just a Windows®-based computer, a webcam and a simple green or blue screen. LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION is aimed at amateur videophile or YouTube contributors who wants to spice up their videos using special effects techniques made popular by today’s Hollywood movies. Users can load either video or still images to use as backgrounds, replacing the green or blue backing screen used during recording. The backing screen can be as simple as green or blue posterboard, a painted wall, colored fabric, or any other solid green or blue matte surfaced area. Depending on where LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION is used, a couple of small lamps may be required to properly illuminate the backing screen. That’s it. Sit in front of the backing screen, click on the COMPUTE button to remove the backing screen, click on the RECORD button, and you are making your video. You can use the sound from the background video, add you own, or mix the two together. At the heart of LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION is the world-renowned chromakey technology, Primatte. Almost every major motion picture incorporating special effects made in the last ten years has used Primatte, including the “Lord of the Rings� trilogy, “Spider-Man,� the “Harry Potter� franchise, and many others. That same technology is now available to the home user for $99. “We feel that LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION is a unique product that will enhance videos currently being made by video amateurs for YouTube and similar video web sites. It can be used to make any home video more interesting and visually appealing,� said Scott Gross, Product Manager for LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION. “Using nothing more than a Windows computer, a webcam, a simple green or blue screen and a couple of inexpensive gooseneck lamps, users can create special effects right at home that are similar to what is being produced in Hollywood. No longer do you have to have the drab, boring back wall of your office or bedroom behind you when you make a video. Now you can be on a beach in Hawaii, at the lip of a volcano, in front of the Pyramids or on the moon. LIGHTS*CAMERA*ACTION replaces the blue or green screen behind you and puts in a video or still image in its place.�

About IMAGICA Technologies Corp.

IMAGICA Technologies Corp. (ITC) is a division of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc., one of the largest entertainment technology companies in Japan. ITC provides front and back-end digital imaging solutions for feature film with the Imager XE and HSX Film Scanners and the HSR Film Recorder. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ITC also maintains a sales and support office in Los Angeles, California. For more information, please visit

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Custom-Engineered Bolero S Ensures Reliable Referee Communications for German Bundesliga

Today's large-scale sporting events, as well as their technical broadcast requirements, are growing at an astounding pace. To meet and surpass these requirements, Riedel Communications has initiated their Managed Sports Services division, comprised of custom-engineered technologies paired with extensive supervision and support by Riedel-qualified engineers. Among the first to profit from these services is DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, who has partnered with Riedel to design a reliable infrastructure for German Bundesliga referee communications.