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IMAGICA HSR Film Recorder Installed at Siam Film Development Co. in Thailand

Leading Film Laboratory and Post-Production Facility in Thailand Adopts IMAGER HSR Film Recorder for Film Projects

IMAGICA Technologies Corp., the engineering solutions division company of IMAGICA Robot Holdings, Inc. announced today that leading film laboratory and post-production facility Siam Film Development Co. Ltd. has purchased an IMAGER HSR film recorder to drive its growth into digital intermediate (DI) services.

“We are very pleased to have completed installation of the IMAGER HSR film recorder at such an esteemed facility in Thailand,” commented Makoto Tsukada, President & CEO, IMAGICA Technologies, Corp. “The post production community in Thailand has embraced DI and digital cinema workflows very rapidly and IMAGICA systems are tailor-made for these pipelines. It‘s very gratifying to know that facilities in the region are remaining on the leading edge with IMAGICA‘s film scanning and recording equipment.”

Founded in 1971, Siam Film Development Co. Ltd. is a leading film laboratory and post-production facility, offering negative and positive processing, printing, visual effects, editing, negative cutting, sound production, high resolution film scanning and film recording. The facility has depended on IMAGICA film recorders and scanners for several years, and in 2005 upgraded its film scanning equipment with the installation of the IMAGER XE(R) ADVANCED PLUS.

Recent films scanned on the IMAGER XE film scanner and recorded end-to-end on the IMAGER HSR film recorder include Thailand‘s blockbuster martial arts film Dynamite Warrior and the supernatural thriller Train of the Dead, Indonesia‘s Message from Heaven and Love is Cinta, and the Malaysian Dukun.

Films recorded end to end on the IMAGER HSR film recorder at Siam Film include The Bodyguard 2, Thailand‘s most expensive film ever with a budget of 100,000,000 Baht, and Malaysia‘s Impak Maksim. Films in which select visual effects shots were recorded using the IMAGER HSR film recorder include Thailand‘s Hor Taew Tak, The Haunted Drum and Dark Water, Indonesia‘s Naga Bonar Jadi 2, and Jangan Pandang Belakang out of Malaysia.

The IMAGER HSR film recorder, built on pioneering imaging technology licensed from Eastman Kodak Company, delivers high speed and high quality for the final, typically time-crunched phase of DI: recording projects back to film. The system can record three frames per second in 2K resolution, up to six times faster than current laser film recorders operating at 2K.

The IMAGER HSR combines a newly developed optical engine with JVC’s D-ILA LCOS imaging device and LED illumination to record motion picture data to intermediate film stock. Well suited for DI, VFX, and video transfer work, the IMAGER HSR supports several common file formats including Cineon / DPX, TIFF, SGI (RGB), and YUV. It also features optional support for HD (1920 x 1080) and 2k in Academy imaging modes.

About IMAGICA Technologies Corp.

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