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ikan Elements: The truly modular camera support solution.

Houston, TX (January 15, 2010). As the world of camera support embraces the Digital Stills & Motion Cameras (DSMC), ikan introduces the ikan Elements line. One size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators, so we designed a system that is customizable in an infinite amount of configurations so you get the support you want no matter what you need. More cost effective than anything on the market, our simple, ergonomically designed system consists of multiple pieces intended to work together. This gives you unlimited options that can change and grow as you see fit.

With the Elements, you can feel confident you are buying camera support gear that will not be obsolete in six months. The system is so versatile, you can literally configure it for any camera setup with your existing gear and our ever expanding inventory of available parts.

• ¼-20 and 3/8 threads on all pieces
• 5 easy-to-assemble parts
• All hardware included
• Smaller & lighter than a traditional rail system
• Easy upgradeable with a wide variety of options
• Compatible with all 15mm rail systems
• Constructed out of anodized aluminum

The Flyer
Our first Elements bundle, the Flyer, has the convenience of a flash bracket with the ergonomics of a hand-held system. What it doesn’t have is the heavy, cumbersome weight of a full rail-based system. The Flyer was created specifically for DSMC’s, but it can be used with smaller handycams as well, providing unmatched comfort in handheld situations. The Flyer kit consists of two durable foam-grip handles, two attaching arms and a cheeseplate style base plate. As the Elements line continues to grow, so will your ability to customize the Flyer to suit your needs.

3 Bundles available:
ikan Flyer Basic
ikan Flyer Deluxe

ikan Flyer Ultimate

For Additional Information, please contact:
Clint Milby

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