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At IBC AmberFin to introduce industry first Unified Quality Control across iCR content ingest and transcoding platform

Basingstoke, UK 21 July 2011 – On its stand at IBC 2011 (7.J15), AmberFin, a leading developer of file-based media ingest and transcoding solutions for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses, will showcase the latest significant developments in its iCR file-based content ingest and transcoding system. Making its debut at IBC and shipping worldwide from September, version 7.3 of iCR integrates Unified Quality Control (UQC) across all of its content ingest and transcoding operations.

UQC enables easier and more effective decision making through a single timeline approach. Combining an automated process with a human touch, new levels of trust and confidence can be introduced to the file creation and distribution processes.
This ability to provide comprehensive quality control using the appropriate level of automation together with human interaction over all ingest and transcoding operations differentiates iCR from any rival system. UQC utilizes both automated and operator-controlled features for baseband and file quality control (QC) within the same user environment, leading to increased productivity and a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with re-works.

UQC represents a significant progression in the functionality of the iCR platform. It means that with AmberFin iCR, users have the potential to create a high quality file-based HD/SD master, implement appropriate levels of automated and manual quality control and provide unique file conversion to multiple formats, all within a single software environment. Highest file/media quality is assured and the QC process can be automated as required, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

“Within modern media facilities there is an overarching need to maximize the value of video content, which requires the ability to transcode to more formats and produce copies more cost-effectively,” commented Bruce Devlin, Chief Technology Officer at AmberFin. “This is our raison d’être at AmberFin: automating more so you work more efficiently while reducing the time and expense associated with reworks; helping media businesses to grow and adapt to meet new consumer demand; and repurposing/transcoding content to an ever growing range of new media distribution channels.”

About AmberFin
AmberFin is a company at the heart of solving file-based workflow problems for content owners, broadcasters, sports organizations and post-production houses. The AmberFin Media Factory, based on the iCR family of modular software products, digitizes and transforms new and archived content, combining a service oriented design philosophy with intelligent use of cost-effective generic IT. This enables customers to save time, increase revenues and grow in-line with business demands.
Unique to the Media Factory system, AmberFin’s industry first approach to Quality Control, known as Unified Quality Control (UQC), introduces a QC mark that brings a new level of trust to media assets. UQC uniquely combines an automated process with a human touch, enabling more efficient and effective decision-making and new levels of confidence in the file creation and transformation processes.
AmberFin has experienced growth of 90% in the last year thanks to hundreds of iCR systems being deployed worldwide. Systems that are trusted where quality matters by some of the world’s leading media organizations including Sony Pictures, NBA, Turner Broadcasting, ZDF, NRK, National Geographic, BT, Discovery and Warner Brothers.