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Fremont, CA - June 12, 2018 -Blackmagic Design announced today that URSA Mini 4.6K was used by Kei Takahashi on the shooting of a promotion movie for TROJAN men’s suits private brand by the Japanese major department store Daimaru Matsuzakaya. DaVinci Resolve Studio, DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel, UltraStudio 4K and MultiDock were used for editing and color grading, with HyperDeck Studio 12G used for backup recording.

Kei Takahashi, the founder of a Tokyo-based production company KID, specializes in shooting, directing and editing music videos and commercials. For the TROJAN spots, KID provided everything from shooting to editing and color grading.

TROJAN is a men’s suit brand known for a slim silhouette for physically fit Japanese men. This new promotion movie features Masakiyo Maezono, a former national football player and famous football commentator and TV personality, who is shown playing keepie-uppie in TROJAN suit.

“The main reasons I chose URSA Mini 4.6K for this promotion movie is that I wanted soft looks and high speed recording. High speed recording made it possible to show the dynamic movements of keepie-uppie and details of the stretched suit. I kept in mind the flexibility and functionality of the suit when I was shooting. I planned to grade the footage after shooting so I used RAW 3:1 for recording,” Takahashi said.

He continued: “I used a zoom lens by Sigma. URSA Mini 4.6K’s great merit lies in the fact that you can easily change the lens mount, which widens the scope of lens you can use. I can cope with any project with this single camera, whether the project’s budget is low or high. Even if you are restricted to reasonably priced lenses, you will get high quality images because of the 4.6K image sensor and 15 stops of dynamic range. On top of that, I like the URSA Viewfinder very much because it is sharp and clear.”

He also edited and graded the material using DaVinci Resolve Studio. DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel was used for grading. In the post production workflow, UltraStudio 4K served as an I/O device for video outputs with the MultiDock as a data storage system.

“I regularly use DaVinci Resolve not only for grading but also for editing. By using DaVinci Resolve as an editor, I can spare myself the trouble of conforming — or making a mistake in conforming — timelines from another NLE by EDL or XML. Moreover, you don’t need to produce a huge amount of extra proxy material that would take up disk space. Even if you’re required to make editorial changes on a timeline in the middle of grading, you can just switch to the editing page and modify the timeline easily, without going to another NLE and starting the conform process all over again. I also like the feature to customize the keyboard shortcuts in any way you would feel comfortable, as well as the data burn feature to visually put timecode for reference. I find it amazing that you can even put audio plugins on the Fairlight page if needed,” he said.

“As for grading, I aimed for high contrast looks. I focused on sharpening the face with the midtone detail parameter, in order to create masculine looks with subtle details on the model’s face. After grading, the image looked more masculine and powerful. The wheels and rings on DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel are fantastic. I like its tactile feel and delicate sensitivity. DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel facilitates and shortens the whole grading process from primary to secondary, leaving out the necessity to use a mouse or keyboard. The less I touch a mouse or keyboard, the more I can keep myself focused on creativity,” he concluded.

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