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Hollywood Post Alliance Honors Four with Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation

Special Award Gives Ingenuity Kudos to FotoKem, Gradient Effects, Light Iron Digital and Reliance MediaWorks

(Los Angeles, CA) During the

HPA Awards

ceremony on November 11, 2010, four companies will be recognized for their inventive thinking and execution of concept with a special honor, the HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation in Post Production. The companies;



Gradient Effects


Light Iron Digital


Reliance MediaWorks

, were chosen after a recent judging session by a blue-ribbon panel of judges.

The Creativity and Innovation Award was conceived in recognition of the creative, technology-fueled and challenging environment that content creators, post production facilities, experts, and manufacturers operate in. The Award offers an opportunity to reward innovative thinking in the areas of new tools, workflows and ideas that enhance the post production process from a technical, creative or efficiency perspective. The Creativity and Innovation Award was created to shine a spotlight on companies and individuals that demonstrate excellence in one or more of these areas.

Carolyn Giardina, Chairman of the HPA Awards Committee noted that, “The Judges Award for Innovation and Creativity was created in direct response to the innovation occurring in the post production community. It was apparent that our vibrant and ingenious community was consistently creating new ways to work and improve methodology, and the Awards Committee and Board wanted to recognize such expansive thinking.” The HPA Creativity and Innovation judges found that these four companies and the individuals at work there have developed products and processes that will support the industry’s work today and lay critical groundwork for the future growth of post production.

Winners of the 2010 HPA Judges Award for Creativity and Innovation:

* FotoKem – nextLAB Mobile
nextLAB Mobile supports productions in remote locations. Developed with proprietary software combined with commodity hardware, nextLAB presents an advanced toolset for file-based post production, from safe ingest of camera original media, audio sync, archive, color and lut application, through transcode.

* Reliance MediaWorks – Custom Image Processing
Reliance MediaWorks has created advanced software applications for higher quality image results. With custom image processing for film, video, and digital sources, Reliance can enhance both classic films and new productions. Recent titles include Avatar, The Social Network, and Fantasia.

* Gradient Effects – GLoW
Co-founders Olcun Tan and Thomas Tannenberger created GLoW (Gradient Location-Optimized Workflow) as a 2D or stereoscopic 3D previsualization and nonlinear production system. GLoW consists of a proprietary software plug-in and related workflow that features many applications for filmmakers including cinematographers, directors, production designers and producers.

* Light Iron Digital – OUTPOST and LIGHTSTREAM
The Light Iron OUTPOST and LIGHTSTREAM systems empower productions to maximize the potential of file-based acquisition tools. OUTPOST is designed to bring the lab on set. Consisting of hardware, software, and storage, OUTPOST equips operators to verify footage, create back-ups, render one-light dailies, and transcode footage for editorial. LIGHTSTREAM is Light Irons proprietary tool for distributing dailies, which utilizes mobile viewing devices including iPad, iPhone, and Droid.

Tom Vice, Vice President and General Manager, nextLAB, commented, “FotoKem is proud to have won the HPA Innovation Award for nextLAB Mobile. Our team has been hard at work creating tools for our customers in the field and internally at FotoKem. We look forward to continuing our development of nextLAB Mobile and supporting our clients in unique ways.”

Light Iron CEO Michael Cioni stated, “We are very pleased and proud that the HPA recognized Light Iron OUTPOST with a 2010 Creativity and Innovation Award. OUTPOST is a new breed of post production talent and technology-serving creatives by delivering near-instant dailies from file-based acquisition systems. HPA’s recognition of OUTPOST as a post production on-set solution is a testament to the forward-thinking leadership of the organization.”

“We are honored to be recognized as leaders in image processing. It is exciting to be able to share with filmmakers these powerful tools for such a wide variety of applications including 3D, image repair, noise and grain management, large format, and restoration,” Evan Edelist, Managing Vice President, Business Development, commented.

Gradient Effects Co-Founder, Thomas Tannenberger summed it up by saying, “The concept of creativity is inherent in innovation and a core deliverable to our community and customers. To win a Creativity and Innovation nod is incredibly meaningful to us. GLoW is one of the most exciting projects that Olcun and I have had the opportunity to work on, and we are extremely proud to have been honored with this award.”

Also at the November event, Ted Gagliano, President of 20th Century Fox Feature Post Production, will receive the HPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

About the Hollywood Post Alliance

Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) serves the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide expertise, support, tools and the infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television, commercials, digital media and other dynamic media content.

About the HPA Awards

The HPA Awards were created to foster awareness of post production, promote creative and technical excellence, recognize the achievements of post production talent, and build involvement in the Hollywood Post Alliance. The HPA Awards will be presented with generous support from HP, Company 3, Encore Hollywood, Method Studios, Panasonic and Quantel and Supporting Sponsors: AJA Video Systems, PRECO and SAN Solutions.

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