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Hollywood Post Alliance Debuts The Reference Monitor Symposium

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"Oh Say Can You See" Offers Clear Insights of the Present and Future of Reference Monitors


(Los Angeles, CA)

The Hollywood Post Alliance(r)

- the trade association which serves the professional post production community, has announced that the

HPA(r) Reference Monitor Symposium

is set for October 1st, 2011 at

The Walt Disney Studios.

The Reference Monitor Symposium was envisioned and planned by a Blue Ribbon group of industry engineers, color scientists, cinematographers, colorists and post experts driven by the community's growing need for high quality reference monitoring and the evolving complexity of content and display environments. The Symposium is a full day of demonstrations, presentations, and one-on-one connection with the top minds in the post production and display communities. The Reference Monitor Symposium is geared to literally everyone in our industry today as the need to view high quality content in a professional context impacts production, post production and distribution workflows. Cinematographers, colorists, post supervisors, studio executives, on-set imaging technicians, those in home entertainment and nearly all production, post and distribution professionals will benefit by attending this rare opportunity to see all of today's top reference displays in one place. With the various types of displays in professional, home, mobile and cinema environments, the need to accurately display work in progress and master content has never been more important. Loren Nielsen, Chair of the event, commented on the need for such a Symposium at this time. "From digital acquisition and on set workflows to widely varied deliverables and home theater, the technology is changing," noted Nielsen, "and our current and future images may have different characteristics than what we've looked for in the past. Higher frame rates, wider color gamut, more dynamic range and more resolution are developments that are here or headed to us." Nielsen continued, "The Symposium is not a standard-setting gathering, it's about taking a thoughtful look at where we are today and understanding what is ahead of us, with the help of industry players on the front line." The October 1st event takes place in the Fantasia Theater, the "Quads" Conference Center and the Frank G. Wells Theater on the Walt Disney Studios lot, and will include sessions, demonstrations, breakout sessions and a lunchtime gathering with the experts in the Disney Commissary. Leon Silverman, President of HPA, noted in conclusion, "This event has brought together a group of some of the most insightful professionals working in our industry today to address an issue that has not been addressed in this way before. As display technology has changed and evolved, the need to understand how best to display and view our content for the various delivery platforms is an increasing challenge for industry professionals. This event is a unique opportunity for our industry to literally see what we are doing with new eyes. I am proud that the Hollywood Post Alliance is able to present such an impressive array of technology and people who can help the industry learn, discuss and understand how as professionals we can create the best possible content and masters." The schedule and registration are available at


or use this link: Space is limited so early registration is encouraged. Registration is available through September 28 and onsite registrations cannot be accepted. For additional questions, email


or call the HPA office at 213-614-0860. Schedule of events: * Welcome from HPA President, Leon Silverman * Say What? A Glossary - Rod Bogart, Color Science, Pixar * Monitor Technologies Briefing - Paul Chapman, SVP Technology, FotoKem * Myth Busting: Monitoring On-Set - Steven Poster, ASC, President, ICG, with a leading colorist * Myth Busting: Digital Cinema - Josh Pines, VP of Imaging Research & Development, Technicolor, with a leading colorist or cinematographer * Myth Busting: Rec. 709 - Ron Williams, Advanced Images, Primedia Publications, with a leading colorist or cinematographer * Myth Busting: Home Displays - Kevin Wines, Image Technology Director, THX, with a leading colorist or cinematographer * "101 Dalmatians" A Case Study of monitoring in ACES -Lou Levinson, Colorist and ASC Associate; Annie Chang, VP, Post-Production Technology, Howard Lukk, VP Digital Production Technology and Leon Silverman, General Manager, Digital Studio, from Walt Disney Studios * What's Coming Next? A Futurist Panel moderated by Loren Nielsen, with Bill Admans, Director Product Marketing, Dolby Labs; Gary Mandle, Sr. Product Manager, Sony Electronics Inc.; Curtis Clark, ASC; Mark Smirnoff, President Studio Services, Modern VideoFilm and a colorist * High Frame Rate Demo - Hosted by Disney with support from Lightstorm * Manufacturers Mini Intros - What will we see in the afternoon? * Lunch in the Disney Commissary * Display Area and Hosted Conversations: monitors will be shown in their respective applications in four areas. Blue Ribbon panel members will host the display areas and explain content and context. 1) Digital Cinema - in the Frank G. Wells theatre - can we use emissive displays for theatrical mastering? 2) 709 - Including on-set and DVD/Blu-ray Mastering - How do we monitor to ensure creative intent? 3) Consumer sets - what are the challenges when our content reaches the home? 4) Manufacturers' marketing area - see the latest from the industry's top manufacturers A Blue Ribbon Panel of experts has curated the event. Those experts include: Paul Chapman -


- Blue Ribbon Chair Rod Bogart -


Curtis Clark -


Rick Dean -


Don Eklund -

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Lou Levinson -


Loren Nielsen -

Entertainment Technology Consultants

Steven Poster -


Josh Pines -


Mark Schubin - HPA Technology Consultant Ron Williams -

Landmark Color

Kevin Wines -


Jan Yarbrough -

Warner Bros.

About the Hollywood Post Alliance(r)

Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) serves the professional community of businesses and individuals who provide expertise, support, tools and the infrastructure for the creation and finishing of motion pictures, television, commercials, digital media and other dynamic media content. The HPA Reference Monitor Symposium will be presented with generous support from Premier Sponsors: Dolby Laboratories, Sony Electronics and with generous support from Walt Disney Studios. # # # Media Contact: Ignite strategic communications p: 818.303.8088 Christine Purse,


or Mimi Rossi,