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Hitachi Pushes The Performance Envelope Of Its Newest HDTV Studio & Field Production Camera Model SK-HD1000

WOODBURY, New York, February 25, 2008 – Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. announced substantial performance and features additions to the SK-HD1000; it’s newest HDTV studio and field production camera.

Squeezing the most from its world-renowned digital processing expertise, HITACHI has upgraded the performance of its SK-HD1000 camera to an outstanding 60dB HDTV Signal to Noise Ratio at F10.0 and a real-world resolution of 1100Horizontal TV Lines. This translates into the cleanest, sharpest digital processing HDTV camera picture you can presently buy. Furthermore, complimenting this performance benchmark, HITACHI introduces new functions, control panels, CCUs, and other production accessories that will make the SK-HD1000 an outstanding value for the money.

Starting with a new generation of high dynamic range RGB 2/3-inch progressive CCDs each with 2.2 million pixels, the camera implements 14-bit A to D converters and HITACHI’s digital signal processor to transparently and efficiently convey the captured image. HITACHI’s new digital circuits designed just for the SK-HD1000 series help achieve exceptional depth-of-modulation, tonal reproduction and highlight handling characteristics. A 12-vector masking system allows control of hue and saturation of colors to precisely tailor color reproduction to EBU, SMPTE or any other color standard for HDTV and SDTV separately. The 2 memory Flesh-tone detail adjustment has automatic hue and saturation adjustment that make implementing the function a “snap�, On-air or off. Optical and electronic color correction filters work in conjunction with 8 scene files that store all functions’ status and video adjustments. Thus, the camera has white balance memories for 16 different shooting situations. This, in addition to. HITACHI’s Special Gamma function acts to provide fine adjustment of the gamma curve and colors in the darkest potions of the picture thereby allowing “film-like� image capture.

The new CCU design model CU-HD1000 equally offers exceptional flexibility by providing users not only choice of fiber or digital triax/ coax transmission but also an optional cross-converter to make 720p out of 1080i and embedded professional quality digital audio in the HD-SDI outputs. The CCU can accept a front-mounted control panel and uses a full 4 RU high EIA 19-inch rackmount and blank panel since the unit is only ½-rack wide. For customers having SD and HD control rooms, the CCU accepts dual controls, provides both SD & HD formats and its control system is network-ready via the provided RJ45 port. User serial data as when used with a robotic pan/ tilt head can also be transported to and from the camera head via the RS232C port on the CCU.

The SK-HD1000 is HITACHI’s 2-piece camera platform that offers maximum configuration flexibility similar to its popular Z-series cameras. It provides user-benefits that one-piece cameras systems cannot. For wired configurations, the camera system is offered with a traditional digital fiber-optic cable transmission system and the world’s first patented all digital triaxial cable transmission system. HITACHI’s digital triax system surpasses the image quality performance of all presently offered analog HDTV triax cable systems since it is virtually transparent. The employment of an exclusive high speed digital time division multiplex, the digital triax system offers HITACHI customers the flexibility of retaining the use of existing triax cable stock or installations while gaining the performance of a digital fiber optic transmission system to convey precious digital HDTV signals of maximum quality. It is also capable of using coax cable in emergencies where the triax cable becomes damaged or unavailable.

“It just doesn’t make sense to sell a digital processing camera of such high caliber and performance to compromise the HDTV signal by making it analog for RF modulation, as our competitors do, to send it down a triax cable then, to turn it back to digital at the CCU. With our digital triax system, we can satisfy those that absolutely needed to protect their triax cable infrastructure but desire the picture quality offered by a digital fiber-optic transmission HDTV camera,� said Sean Moran, Hitachi’s National Sales Manager for Broadcast and Professional Products. HITACHI’s HDTV Digital Triax transmission system for the SK-HD1000 has a planned delivery date toward the end of the year.

The SK-HD1000 camera head features dual HD-SDI, MON, dedicated prompter, Aux return, serial data outputs. Its fiber and digital triax adapters include controls for return signal switching (1 out of 4) for 2 channels, intercom and program audio controls for 2 independent channels, and a very useful 100W of power to feed to a teleprompter and on-air color monitors that typically are mounted together and in front of the camera in studio production applications.

Two choices of CRT-based ENG-type viewfinders are offered as well as three different studio VF solutions. An 8-inch and 6-inch TFT color LCD and 5-in monochrome CRT viewfinders will satisfy demanding applications or tight budgets. A new large lens adapter SA-1000 allows the use of heavy, large magnification optics.

Other configurations offered with HITACHI’s SK-HD1000 are digital OFDM wireless and Dockable Solid-state Tapeless recorder-player.

The SK-HD1000 in Fiber-optic Studio production configuration lists for $53,000 complete without lens. HITACHI is currently delivering the fiber version and will exhibit this model at the 2008 National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas NV. Visit HITACHI Booth # C5018 for details.

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