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Heritage Harley-Davidson produces in-store programming in HD with Focus Enhancement’s FS-100


Heritage Harley-Davidson contends with an all too familiar issue in the retail and service industry — accommodating daily fluctuations in customers, particularly at peak times after work and on Saturdays. To serve their customers best during these busy times, the Harley-Davidson dealer developed an in-store entertainment and education media program. High-definition displays scattered throughout the service and sales department play a wide range of content — from the latest tech tips from service representatives to customer testimonials and promotional pieces for special packages. There’s also coverage of the store’s recent events, including Foghat’s performance at their recent 25


Anniversary celebration.  

Delivering content in high definition was essential for Heritage Harley-Davidson. “The days of putting up a 13-inch screen with a VHS player attached to it are over. No one pays attention to that anymore,� explained Jim Cotton, the dealer’s IT Manager. “Many of our events and content feature lots of sound and smoke, two things that are near and dear to a Harley fan’s heart. We really needed HD to bring these events to life and keep our customers as satisfied and engaged as possible while they’re waiting to talk to a service representative.�   

Heritage Harley-Davidson purchased Panasonic’s HD AG-HVX200 camera in order to film their in-store pieces in high definition. While the camera offered the best HD solution for their budget, Cotton wondered how to handle their storage requirements. “We knew that in terms of cost and capacity, the P2 cards just weren’t going to meet our needs, particularly for continuous long-term HD recording. We considered shooting in 720p on tape, but that solution wasn’t optimal. We wanted to shoot 1080 60i, period,� he said.  

Cotton needed to find a more cost-effective storage alternative that would enable him to continuously capture long events at the highest quality without the high price tag.  


Two weeks after purchasing the HVX200 camera, Cotton found the answer to his recording challenge with the FS-100 recorder from Focus Enhancements. Designed to work with the Panasonic AG-HVX200, the FS-100 DTE recorder lets videographers record DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO/DV streams directly from the HVX200 camera to disk via FireWire. With its standard 100 GB hard drive, the FS-100 offers long recording times — and at a price point far less than a couple of P2 cards.  

“With the FS-100, we’re able to get approximately 110 minutes of 1080 60i PRO HD on one session, and that makes a big difference,� said Cotton. “The P2 cards are very handy, but they don’t compare when you’re trying to cover an event that is two hours long. You stop to unload P2 cards and all of a sudden, you’ve missed a great shot. The FS-100 gives us the flexibility to keep recording in the field and at a really acceptable price point�  

Today Cotton relies on the FS-100 and Panasonic HVX200 for all his HD recording. After a shoot is over, he connects the device to a Mac workstation, transfers the files, and edits in Final Cut Pro2. Then he uses Roxio’s DVDit® Pro HD to create a Blu-ray disc which they play on the store’s monitors.


“The FS-100’s performance has been flawless,� said Cotton. “It has never given us any problems.�  


The in-store displays have been a great success at Heritage Harley-Davidson. “Our regular customers are actually asking service advisors if there’s anything new,� said Cotton. “We filmed a burn-out contest the other week and that has been a big hit at the store.�  

In addition to keeping waiting customers happy, the in-store video has also generated increased sales. Cotton produced segments on the dealership’s dynamometer — a tool well known in motorcycle and car circles for gauging a vehicle’s maximum torque and horsepower. For safety and operational reasons, the dynamometer is isolated to a quiet room. But Cotton and his team have filmed several dyno sessions to show customers just what happens. “Shortly after showing the dyno segments, we definitely noticed an increase in our dynamometer session sales,� said Cotton.   

Cotton firmly believes that the FS-100 and the ability to shoot in HD give Heritage Harley-Davidson a competitive edge. “No one in our market has the capability to deliver 16×9 high def,â€? he explained. “In order to get that kind of quality, a shop would need to hire an expensive film crew from Boston.â€?  

And for Cotton, this is a key point. “We sell and service Harleys; we’re not videographers or editors by trade. But with the FS-100 we’re able to produce professional quality video for our customers. When we’re in the field, we can capture everything we need and edit later, as opposed to creating a detailed storyboard beforehand or worrying about how much storage space we have left. It has been a great tool for us,� he concluded.   


Heritage Harley-Davidson, the oldest Harley-Davidson dealer in New Hampshire, uses the FS-100 to produce high quality 1080i video for their in-store entertainment and marketing campaign. The FS-100’s 100 GB capacity gives the Heritage team the flexibility to record as much footage as needed in the field in the highest quality HD format.  

“We sell and service Harleys; we’re not videographers or editors by trade. But with the FS-100 we’re able to produce professional quality video for our customers.�- Jim Cotton, IT Manager, Heritage Harley-Davidson


About Heritage Harley-Davidson


Harley-Davidson is New Hampshire’s first and oldest Harley-Davidson dealer. Located in Concord, New Hampshire, Heritage Harley-Davidson Heritage Harley-Davidson is a Factory-Authorized Harley-Davidson


Parts & Accessories Dealer.  They also have the distinction of being a Harley-Davidson Service Select Dealer with a

full team of PHD & Factory-Trained Technicians

and are an eight time recipient of corporate Harley-Davidson’s coveted Bar & Shield Award. 

FS Family

The FS family of video production products takes users from acquisition to editing with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability. Compatible with most DV and HDV camcorders and editing software, FS products feature Direct To Edit (DTE) video recording technology that converts the output from your DV or HDV camcorder or VTR to a nonlinear editing (NLE) format and records it on FireWire disk drives. By combining DTE Technology® with advanced caching and redundant tape and disk recording, FS products ensure that you never miss an important shot or lose critical footage. And best of all, your footage is ready to edit instantly. 


Weighing about one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the FS-100 is an HD recorder designed to work with the new Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 camera, supporting DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO/DV recording formats. The FS-100 provides long recording times and improves workflow with Direct To Edit® technology. It can also be used with other Panasonic DVCPRO/DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD devices that have a FireWire port. 

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