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Heidi Bayer Talks Unbranding

The Future of Entertainment Marketing

The history of entertainment has been continually in flux when it comes to delivery systems. Think of the early phonograph, radio, movie, television and web. Formats have always been in transition and ever changing the way we obtain our music, shows and information. 

With this in mind we find ourselves at the end of 2008 – where not one delivery system reigns; either at a crossroads or a sea change depending on the way we look at it. Kiosks on subways, taxis, monitors strapped to young actors wandering around the city, TV shows on IPODS, snippets of comedy on YouTube, and surfing the web on our cell phones are all ways we obtain our entertainment. 

What does this mean?

For a while “brandâ€? was king, then “content.â€? Now, it seems “technologyâ€? is king. Today, it’s not enough to develop content or a brand in the traditional sense; one must master the technology in order to bring the brand to market. One must also think of every possible way a brand can be displayed, at every possible angle – including “unbranding.â€?

We know that the producers of content are wondering how to monetize in an IP-enabled environment and concurrently, advertisers question their presence and efficiency. 

In this new environment, where consumers are creating their own experiences with mash-ups, blogospheres, podcasts, RSS feeds, and YouTube videos – marketers are realizing that their work requires over-the-top creativity to create engaging promos and ads to drive traffic back not only to television, but to the delivery service the consumer demands and has come to expect. We must be direct, yet open to the challenges ahead.

Heidi Bayer is the executive producer at Ultrabland in New York City. 

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