Heather Bryant Joins Counterpoint Systems

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London--Counterpoint Systems, a developer of software solutions for rights management, royalty accounting and product licensing, has hired Heather Bryant as Senior Business Analyst. Bryant, formerly a Talent Accounting Business Project Manager with BBC Worldwide, has broad experience in royalty accounting in the music recording, film, television and broadcast industries. In her new role, she will advise and provide business analysis to customers of Counterpoint Systems' Media and Record Maestro applications.

"Heather's background in royalty management for the music industry, and in particular with major record labels, is unparalleled," said Counterpoint Systems CEO Amos Biegun in making the announcement. "Recent vacancies have allowed Counterpoint to hire Heather and really strengthen our team. Heather's experience as a user of our applications makes her an invaluable asset to clients seeking to take full advantage of our powerful product line." At BBC Worldwide, Bryant was responsible for royalty accounting related to music, audio books, video and download-to-own content. Previously, she headed talent payments for PACT, the film and television trade organization. She has also held senior royalty accounting positions with Sanctuary Records Group, Century Media Records and Millennium Records, as well as with several music publishing firms. She is a graduate of the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Bryant described her move to Counterpoint Systems as "the logical next step" following her years of service in the recording and broadcast industries. "It gives me an opportunity to apply the knowledge I've gained in both industries productively," she said. "Media Maestro is a very powerful tool for royalty and rights management, and I look forward to helping companies take advantage of all that it has to offer by adapting it to their specific business practices." About Counterpoint Systems Founded in 1987, Counterpoint Systems is the world leader in software solutions for rights management, royalty accounting and product licensing. The company's specialized software products employ the most sophisticated and up-to-date technologies and its dedication to research and development ensures that Counterpoint keeps pace with changes in legislation and industry practices. Counterpoint Systems' extensive client list includes 20th Century Fox, Harley-Davidson, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, NHL Enterprises and Sony/ATV Music. Counterpoint Systems Ltd. is headquartered London and has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Northern California. For more information, visit