Headlight Creates Magic for NY Chapter AICE Awards Show

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New York-based Headlight Design + VFX creates the show open and 10 category interstitials for the 2008 Magic themed ceremonies of the NYC chapter of AICE (www.aice.org). Given the challenge from AICE as only a rough brief, the Headlight team chose to utilize hand drawn line art techniques to create unique, fantastic environments. In the open, playing cards appear from the sky and fall onto a table in what is the start of a magic trick. A black top hat appears and scoops up the cards. A finger taps on the hat, setting the trick into motion.

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The Credits:
Client: AICE Show Open Post/VFX: Headlight Design + VFX
Creative Director: Susan Armstrong
Designer: Ders Hallgren, Tiko Kanzaki
2D Animator: Ariel Altman
3D: John Clausing
Producer: Whitney Green
Head of Production: Lana Aklilu

About Headlight:
New York-based Headlight Design + VFX is a creative, award-winning design, VFX, animation, and full service production company specializing in commercials, music videos, emerging media, feature and long-format clientele. Headlight's recent projects include: creating show opens for CBS's Kid Nation, ABC's Men in Trees, 3D worlds for Ogilvy's American Express Lost campaign, and executing the VFX for Vidal Partnership's Sprint Holiday campaign.

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About AICE:
The Association of Independent Creative Editors is an international association representing the interests of independent creative editorial companies and their editors since 1975 with chapters in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.

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