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Searches on a wide range of high-quality products for the broadcast, professional video, and digital cinema markets result in


being prominently displayed. NEW YORK, N.Y., November 20, 2008 – Do a Google search using the keywords “HD Camera Leaders� and HD Camera Guide (


), a site officially launched less than a month ago appears on page 1 in the non-paid listings. Want to search by product name or model, or the name of a high-quality component? Try “thompson viper sensor size� (there’s no ‘p’ in thomson, but none-the-less the search results in page 1 Google non-paid listings for HD Camera Guide. Search: “red hd camera� (a Red Digital Cinema product) or “SK-3200 camera� (a Hitachi product), or “HDK-79EC� (an Ikegami product) , or “HDW-F900R Lenses (a Sony product user searching for the right Canon or Fujinon lenses), or “Panasonic HPX-3700� (you guessed it), or even “2/3 sensor hd� (a component found on the highest-quality cameras), and


will appear on Google, page1 in the non-paid listings. “It’s remarkable,� admits Michael Grotticelli, Editor-in-Chief of HD Camera Guide.com. “There’s no other site in the high-quality video product industry that appears in more page 1 Google results for as many different keyword combinations and product searches as HD Camera Guide. When we say we are the single-source website dedicated to educating customers, through the use of video-rich features about why making an investment in quality is essential, we only have to point to Google keyword results.� The need for an online resource that champions the highest quality cameras, lenses, and production accessories has never been greater, since innovation and advanced technology has consistently been the bedrock for the broadcast industry and movie-making business. Better quality begets a better result, and with the introduction of 1080/60p large screen TVs, the need for broadcasters to repurpose content for distribution to multiple platforms, and the public’s hunger for better and more unique content, optimal-quality HD video is critical. HD Camera Guide includes such features as exclusive video interviews, product-introduction videos, a video-rich Learning Center, an Interactive Lens Selector, pertinent news, and more. “There’s a lot of great HD equipment out there, and a wide range of support products, but it’s not always easy to determine what to buy,� states Mr. Grotticelli. “HD Camera Guide is a single-source product-marketing site that connects buyers with products using informative videos, interactive tools, and exclusive content. And with Google, it’s easy to get here from there.� The site is designed to help users decide which HD camera, lens, battery, tripod, microphone, and even teleprompter is best for their requirements. Visitors can also rate cameras according to a five-star system and add comments as necessary. HD Camera Guide even has a nostalgic Time Machine feature that revisits pioneering technology. About HDCameraGuide.com Free to users and featuring attractive, easy-to-use graphic interfaces that enable viewers to take advantage of this “all-in-one-place� information and product-inquiry website,


invites you to visit and see for yourself what all the excitement is about. The manufacturers listed above are trademarked and/or registered names of those respective corporations, and have no ownership in HD Camera Guide.



Custom-Engineered Bolero S Ensures Reliable Referee Communications for German Bundesliga

Today's large-scale sporting events, as well as their technical broadcast requirements, are growing at an astounding pace. To meet and surpass these requirements, Riedel Communications has initiated their Managed Sports Services division, comprised of custom-engineered technologies paired with extensive supervision and support by Riedel-qualified engineers. Among the first to profit from these services is DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, who has partnered with Riedel to design a reliable infrastructure for German Bundesliga referee communications.


RTI Names Cyrille Vergely as Dealer Experience Manager

RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, today announced that Cyrille Vergely has joined the company as its Dealer Experience Manager, Europe and Middle East. In his new role, he will ensure an exceptional experience for the company's dealers in the region by providing training, technical support and project design assistance.