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GTP and Mitsubishi Electric Capture Excitement and Smiles at Hersheypark

With nearly 3 million thrill-seekers attending Hersheypark every year, the chocolate capital of the world has become one of America’s favorite theme parks. It is here in Hershey, Pennsylvania, that Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. and GTP Corporation offer guests timeless mementos – high quality, long lasting photographs taken during thrill rides or arm-in-arm with Hershey characters around the park – all shot and printed right on the spot within seconds. In doing so, GTP capitalizes on a compelling business opportunity that is only made possible by the trusted performance and reliability of Mitsubishi printers.

“These printers are absolute workhorses,” said Bob Hench, president of GTP Corp. “Not every printer could perform with such consistency and reliability in this environment. We have between 30 and 35 Mitsubishi printers running in Hersheypark at any one time… they’re literally powering our operation every moment they’re on. They’ve supported our business for almost 20 years, enabling us to concentrate on the artistry of the shots and the number of customers we can serve.”

The Mitsubishi printers are positioned at 12 installations around the park, with two 5×7 and two 4×6 printers at most locations. Two of these stations serve as bases for the roving photographers at the front gate and in the middle of the park, the remainder located at the end of each major thrill ride.

Even with dozens of high-speed, high-volume Mitsubishi printers running constantly throughout the park, GTP has little to worry about when it comes to service and support for each station. The partnership between GTP and Mitsubishi began in 1994, and has consistently gained in strength with each model upgrade. Over the years, Mitsubishi’s printers have made huge strides in speed and print quality while maintaining a reputation for reliability and low operating costs. This is backed by Mitsubishi’s exclusive Express Replacement Assistance (ERA) warranty program, offering technical support in addition to overnight shipping of replacement units.

“When we first started using photo printers at Hersheypark we used another manufacturer’s equipment. We switched to Mitsubishi several years ago because the reliability of the product and the customer service were far better,” noted Hench. “Our Mitsubishi printers are the best we’ve ever used in terms of cost versus performance and print quality. It’s an essential cog in our business engine!”

Because of the simplicity and reliability of the Mitsubishi printers, GTP hires local high school students during the busy summer months to run all of the photo stands at Hersheypark, interact with customers, operate printing stations, and replenish the photo media and ink when necessary. Even with a dedicated technical center located in Hershey, Hench says he rarely has to request support thanks to the smooth-running, Mitsubishi printers.

According to Hench, most of their business comes from the ride photos; as soon as people come off an exciting ride and see their picture, the chance of an impulse buy is very high. Using GTP’s park-wide system enables Hench to see which rides most people are buying, so they can concentrate efforts accordingly.

“Ride photos are full of spontaneity and reflex reactions which make them a lot fun to take. When people see their photos after conquering a roller coaster, everybody laughs and has a good time – it goes above and beyond just getting a souvenir,” said Hench. “It really adds to the full experience; you’re actually bringing home more than just a memory – you’re bringing home proof!”

“It’s wonderful to see such a strong relationship with GTP continue to grow and develop,” said Brandon Tarnow, Brand Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. “We’re incredibly proud of our comprehensive customer support and high quality product. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied with profitable, distinctive products that keep their businesses thriving.”

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