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GTN/Ringside Creative Adopts File-Based Workflow with Film Master

Stockholm, Sweden- 16 April, 2007 – Digital Vision, a leading developer of advanced digital media applications for film and video, announced that premiere Detroit-based commercial post-production company GTN/Ringside Creative has purchased two Nucoda Film Master systems. The company has implemented the new grading systems on a SAN to enable nonlinear finishing workflows that simultaneously provide greater creative possibilities and throughput than the linear telecine-based finishing processes traditionally used for commercials.

Digital Vision‘s Nucoda Film Master is a resolution-independent, end-to-end DI/grading and finishing system for feature films, commercials, long-form television, and restoration applications. A comprehensive feature set, in addition to the Film Master‘s SAN-friendly architecture and Digital Vision‘s experience with file-based workflows, made the system GTN/Ringside Creative‘s ultimate choice.

GTN/Ringside Creative owner and CEO Doug Cheek said, “Digital Vision shares our vision about content shaping workflows in the commercial space and what‘s possible. They have a tremendous amount of experience and focus on file-based workflows for short-form work and we are very interested in bringing those efficiencies into the way we work. We‘ve embraced these new workflows not only because of the economies of concurrent processes, but more importantly because of the creative versatility. We can better leverage our creative talent, put more projects through the facility, faster, and deliver higher-quality more cost effective projects to our customers.”

Adolfo Martinelli, GTN/Ringside Creative‘s senior colourist, said, “Film Master‘s colour correction toolset is powerful, and that alone sets it apart from other systems. The panel gives colourists quick access to an extensive set of features from one surface. It‘s fast, flexible, and integrates extremely well with our SAN and our existing infrastructure – all of which are critically important in our workflow.”

Digital Vision president and COO, Simon Cuff, said, “File-based workflows are fast becoming the norm in the commercial post realm and we‘re pleased to work with GTN/Ringside Creative and other forward-looking facilities as they pioneer these new processes. We‘ve prioritised Film Master‘s development toward a comprehensive toolset and support for concurrent workflows specifically to help drive this adoption.”

About Digital Vision

Digital Vision provides innovative image restoration, enhancement, colour correction and data conforming systems that major movie studios, television networks and post-production facilities use to produce and enhance feature films, TV programs and commercials. The company‘s Nucoda product line provides a strong suite of products for the burgeoning digital intermediate 2k/4k market. The company‘s award-winning products are a standard of the media & entertainment industry and are deployed at top facilities around the world.

Digital Vision AB was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with two wholly owned subsidiaries, Digital Vision (US) in Los Angeles, California, and Digital Vision UK in London, England. The company maintains its global presence through a network of qualified distributors. Digital Vision is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange. For further information, go to


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