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Global Interactive Gaming Innovators Score NYC Debut

Streamline Media Group Intros Gamesnacks Concept & “Art Lust”

NEW YORK: “Mass market acceptance of interactive games transforms their applications from pure entertainment vehicles into innovative educational, health awareness and self-improvement tools,” states Streamline Media Group CEO Alexander L. Fernández. “To facilitate our focus on developing collaborative relationships with leading brands and advertising agencies and, to support our cutting-edge creative/production teams in Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, we recently established corporate headquarters at 261 Madison Ave. in NYC.”

“This Spring our highly anticipated update to Axon Runners breaks nationwide,” Fernández reports. “This bespoke branded experience was born from our early 2011 partnership with European marketing team at Coca-Cola.” Adds Stafford Green, head of The Coca-Cola Content Factory, “The Coca-Cola Zero team was looking for a way to engage with teens with communication of ‘It’s possible.’ Streamline provided a perfect vehicle for a fast paced mobile and social game to marry our communication need with something entertaining for consumers.” Adds Fernández, “With over half a million downloads and enthusiastic game industry reviews, we clearly made it possible.”

Fernandez has now developed a new vision for the Streamline Media Group.

“Once we stepped back and saw what we had accomplished with Axon Runners, and with ‘Gamesnacks,’ the branding formula we developed for Coke Zero, we decided there was only place to go.”

In January 2013, Streamline cut the ribbon on brand new corporate headquarters in New York City.

“We envision a deeper significance for Gamesnacks beyond challenging game action,” Fernández says. “Within two weeks of relocating we were pitching an interactive game for the pharmaceutical industry. It surprised people to learn we could create an engaging and fun Gamesnack with critical information about people’s health. But we see no limits for Gamesnacks.”

“Streamline Media has been at the forefront of game development for a dozen years,” Fernández continues. “Our work has been featured in several platinum selling hits including, Gears of War, Unreal Tournament and Ghost Recon, as well as the soon to be released BioShock Infinite. Now we’re pleased to announce we just signed with CAA in Hollywood. We came to their attention as a result on the work we did on Avatar.”

“What we’ve done is totally unique. We moved six of our key creatives from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. We’re building an absolutely first-rate team in Malaysia, just as enthusiastic as we are about the marriage of great engineering and jaw-dropping art. We’re so passionate about it we call it Art Lust! It’s game first, game first, game first with us! Our Gamesnacks are not just quirky little semi-branded entertainment trinkets. They’re the kind of games people share and talk about. All kinds of people, from 7 to 70.”

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Photo: Axon Runners screen shot


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