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Glidetrack Slides Into Alan Gordon Enterprises

Hollywood, CA

If you are looking for a CAMERA SLIDER then the GLIDETRACK is it! The Glidetrack offers the film maker a quick and easy way to add the “Wow Factor” to their shoot. Alan Gordon Enterprises in Hollywood, CA now has two basic Glidetrack models from which to choose for both rental and for purchase.

“The HD Range�

allows for ultra low floor mounted shots, table mounted shots, traverse through object shots, crane type moves & Inclined dolly moves. It comes in 1m, 1.5m & 2m lengths, includes twin Bogen Tripods and Bogern

“The HD Shooter�

is perfect for DSLR’s such as the Canon 5d, 7d, Nikon D90, D3s etc. and doubles as a slider and a shoulder support.

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