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Get Certified to Shoot 3D

3D Film Factory’s Successful 3D Workshops Now Offer 3D Certification.

Since 2008 the 3D Film Factory (3DFF) has successful taught more individuals how to prep, shoot and edit stereoscopic 3D than any other organization. Now for the first time, 3DFF is giving participants the opportunity to get Certified in Stereoscopic Filmmaking.

What does that mean to be certified in stereography? “For us it’s a lot more than just a piece of paper. It’s an assurance of superior training,” say Shawn Gilmore, the company’s manager of operations. “It means that program participants have undergone 2-days of intensive, quality instruction with a veteran stereographer. Certification means that participants not only have a comprehensive understanding of stereoscopic theory, but an actual working knowledge and skills to shoot and edit professional-quality 3D.”

A partial list of workshops topics include; the guiding principles and overlying theory of stereoscopic 3D, how to make effective use of 3D, prepping for 3D, transforming your 2D ideas into working 3D images, camera and 3D rig selection, genlock issues, rig calibration, re-light for 3D, filming ratios demystified, gauging depth and pop, applying effective convergence, perfect image alignment, easy 3D post workflows, and all the other details you need to know to create superior quality 3D entertainment, that ultimately serves the story.

All classes are taught by expert stereographers with years of 3D filming and production experience. The goal is to teach participants as much as feasibly possible within the2-days, and therefore keep the focus on the students and their implicit 3D educational needs.

3D Training Workshops are held on an ongoing bi-monthly basis at our facility in San Diego, California. 3DFF supplies everything, including cameras, 3D rigs, 3D monitors, lighting and even lunch – all for a very affordable price. For scheduling and registration information call 619.384.4014 or visit at

About the 3D Film Factory

The 3D Film Factory is the leader in professional, affordable 3D camera systems and real-time 3D viewing solutions. In addition we provide a host of 3D production services for hire, including 3D camera rigs, 3D viewing systems, stereographers, and 3D post, as well as, monthly comprehensive 3D training workshops. Former clients include ESPN, NASA, DISNEY, HD CINEMA, PINEWOOD STUDIOS, and DISCOVERY. For more information visit