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Gamma & Density Brings 3cP On-Set Color Correction to Cinematographers in Any Budget Range

Los Angeles, California – 1 April, 2008 – Gamma & Density announced today that its world renowned 3cP on-set color correction system for cinematographers –previously available only to selected high-end Hollywood projects — is now available as software for all cinematographers. The software has been proven on 20+ films and television shows including 10,000 B.C., Quantum of Solace, Iron Man, The Kite Runner, The Tudors, Babel and the upcoming State of Play, by top cinematographers including Rodrigo Prieto (ASC, AMC), Ueli Steiger (ASC), Roberto Schaeffer (ASC), Guillermo Navarro (ASC, AMC), Jerzy Zielinsky (ASC), Ousama Rawi (ASC, CSC) and others.

3cP enables cinematographers to precisely preview and communicate color decisions to colorists and others in the post-production process, whether they’re producing dailies, doing pre-post, matching special effects or performing the final color grade for the Digital Intermediate (DI).

3cP is also one of the first systems to use the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL) functionality for the cross-platform exchange of primary RGB and saturation color correction data on a big-budget film – the upcoming State of Play starring Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren. At NAB Gamma & Density will demonstrate the full-cycle 3cP/ASC CDL workflow that cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto is undertaking on the film to keep color consistent across shooting, dailies, post and DI.

The patented 3cP technology offers a number of unique features unavailable anywhere else in a laptop configuration, including:
• HD Rec. 709-, NTSC- and PAL-adherent calibration
• Real time color correction on (or after) the set
• Effective, manageable post production workflow for film, HD, and video production
• Digital capture via HDSDI (single & dual link) for Panavision Genesis®, Thomson Viper FilmStream™, Red ONE™, Sony CineAlta™ and other prosumer cameras capable of HD/SDI output
• Direct transfer via ASC CDL into da vinci Resolve® and 2K Plus™ and Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse® 2.0 and up
• Transfer of color settings into most other color grading systems including Apple™ Color, Pandora POGLE, and Autodesk® Lustre® using 3D LUTs and color decision lists
• Digital capture via FireWire
• Live monitoring
• Full transfer of color correction created for dailies into the final DI or DVD color grading session

3cP software is available for purchase from Gamma & Density at a special NAB introductory price of $998 per license, valid through April 30, 2008. Standard list pricing after April 30 is $2,000 per license.

The company will demonstrate 3cP during the NAB Conference, April 14-17, in a private suite at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, directly across from the Las Vegas Convention Center. To book a demonstration, send email to

or visit

for more information.

About Gamma & Density
Gamma & Density Co. develops tools that enable cinematographers to maintain artistic and technical control over their images during the film and digital transfer processes. The Los Angeles-based company’s Thorough Control System (TCS) helps cinematographers arrive at their desired look during on set (or after set) color correction, and then on film-to-tape or DI transfer sessions by relying on a patented color chart and system of unified monitor calibration that functions as a common language between DP’s, DIT’s and telecine/DI colorists. The innovative 3cP on-set color correction system for cinematographers also calibrates monitors and transfers images quickly and without losses between different digital color imaging systems used in film, television, HD, and Digital Cinematography. For information visit