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Futuristic Films Creates Innovative Holographic Runway Show For International Retailer Forever 21

Having previously collaborated with Forever 21 on its hugely successful and revolutionary Augmented Reality billboard in Times Square (

), named one of the “10 Coolest Ads Ever To Appear In Times Square” by Business Insider, Futuristic Films was called on once again to work with the international retailer to create a Holographic Runway Show. Futuristic Films Director Jasper Gray, in partnership with space150 productions, created a 7-minute virtual runway, integrating live-action footage of models with hologram technology, 3D techniques and sound design. An unforgettable visual experience, the Forever 21 Holographic Runway Show has been showcased across Europe this summer in Austria, Belgium, and Great Britain.

To experience the Holographic Runway Show, please visit:

“One of the great strengths here at Futuristic is our ability to combine intriguing storytelling with cutting-edge technologies for producing and distributing content,” says Brendan Kiernan, EP of Futuristic Films, “and this project is a perfect example of that coming together in an exciting way.”

“Futuristic Films and Jasper in particular did a great job of bringing the creative and technical aspects of the project together to produce something unique that really helped us achieve our goals for our European store openings,” explains Kirstin Nagle of Forever 21.

Client: Forever 21

Advertising Agency: space150/Futuristic Films
Creative Director: Billy Jurewicz
Digital Producer: Genna Freeberg
Designer: Ian Crombie (original concept only), Andrew Beckman (execution, refinement)
Copy: Eric Schlauch (original concept only)
Directory of Technology: James Squires
Lead Tech: Julio Obelliero

Director: Jasper Gray
DP: Harris Charalambous
Executive Producer: Brendan Kiernan

Editorial Company: Spillt

Postproduction Company: Spillt

Visual Effects Company: Spillt

Music Production Company: Sonic Magic

About Futuristic Films:
Futuristic Films creates motion pictures for brands, advertising, and entertainment. We tell compelling stories of all shapes and sizes, viewed on televisions, in theaters, and on computers and mobile devices.

The Futuristic team believes that the evolving nature of media consumption demands an equally evolving approach to film and video production. The company was founded on the principle of bringing together the high production value and intense creativity of commercial production with the storytelling craft and substance of documentary and feature film. Futuristic Films is committed to sustainable business practices, including striving to become a fully carbon-neutral enterprise. Futuristic has offices in Denver, Colorado, and in Venice, California – both centrally located for filmmaking on planet Earth.

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