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Full Mental Jacket Produces U.S. Debut of Live, Real-Time Virtual Reality Sets for New E! Entertainment TV Series

Los Angeles, CA, November 3, 2009 – Full Mental Jacket (FMJ), a creative design and realtime graphics production studio, is producing the debut in the United States of realtime graphics for television, as seen on the just launched television series “That Morning Show.� “That Morning Show� airs for three hours daily, Monday-Friday, on E! Entertainment Television. The new series represents an unprecedented American presentation of live television that incorporates the use of realtime graphics. Ronen Lasry, Founder/Executive Creative Director of Full Mental Jacket, made the announcement.

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Working in association with its client, the Irvine, CA-based Intertainment Broadcasting Corporation (iBC), Full Mental Jacket has produced the full graphics package for “That Morning Show,� including virtual sets, the main title opening sequence and on-air graphics. FMJ also provided iBC with complete broadcast on-air creative services. Most significantly, Full Mental Jacket is concurrently also producing live, 90-second, interactive segments entitled “CHASEit�™, which are also featured within each edition of “That Morning Show.�

During these CHASEitâ„¢ segments, viewers watching from home have the ability (by calling into the show via telephone) to purchase gift cards from a variety of retailers/show sponsors being presented by live action TV personalities. These show sponsors include such companies as Macy’s, Amazon, Zappos, Chilis, and many others. Viewers receive bonus “cash back” awards with each purchase they make during these CHASEitâ„¢ interactive segments, which occur four times an hour, replacing the standard twelve commercial time slots.

Jeff Rifkin, Executive Producer of “That Morning Show� and its CHASEit™ segments, said, “Ronen and his team at Full Mental Jacket were instrumental in helping us to produce and present a revolutionary new program in the history of live television. FMJ’s contributions to bringing to ‘visual life’ the ‘CHASEit’ segments featured within ‘That Morning Show’ were invaluable in taking live television advertising to the next level, within a realtime digital world that can be easily changed and adapted to our advertisers’ wishes. FMJ stands at the cutting edge of broadcast graphics in this industry.�

Lasry said, “Quite frankly, what we have achieved with ‘That Morning Show’ represents the future of television. Against a green screen, we can create a diverse scope of virtual sets, which can be easily updated graphically live in real time. Our virtual sets involve no delays and no post production. Live 3D TV commercials can be presented as branded space environments, with instant home viewer feedback.�

He adds, “A traditional TV commercial costs a lot of money, but as sponsors and advertisers become more and more aware of what is possible graphically in today’s digital universe, they will begin to realize they can update their consumer interactions instantaneously. We have taken the dynamics of a website and turned them into a live, 3D realtime television environment. This is also the future of television advertising.�


Airing every morning, seven days a week, on E! Entertainment Television, “That Morning Show” is an upbeat and topical lifestyle show featuring both in-studio and field pieces in an unconventional new format that is fast-paced, upbeat and always fresh. Offering lighter and more uplifting fare, “That Morning Show” focuses on topics that will enhance the lives of its viewers. From the workplace to the kitchen, the world of fashion, or new environmental projects, this new series melds entertainment and information in a way aimed at making viewers hopeful, empowered and informed.

The program is being hosted by a trio of fresh faces. Mark Long, Karla Cavalli, and Chelsea Cannell welcome viewers to the start of the new day with a warm chemistry and addictive energy. The in-studio portion of the series is filmed in a state of the art studio in Orange County, CA, built exclusively for the show. The unique platform stage allows the hosts versatility and function in presenting new discussions on varying topics while keeping the flow fast and visually pleasing. The outside studio segments transport viewers to fun and exciting locales all across the country.

“That Morning Show� also features innovative interactive marketing segments, which provide viewers with a completely new way of saving money at their favorite retailers that is easy and appealing. The talented Sandra Sanchez, Carmen Palumbo and Aaron Priceman take the helm in this new frontier along with a bullpen of additional hosts, who showcase opportunities for viewers to obtain gift cards from major retailers and, importantly, receive cash back with each purchase. A ticker counts down until there are no cards left. Viewers who miss out on the action can visit the website 24 hours a day to receive their cash back.

“That Morning Show� moves the traditional talk show viewer from spectator to active participant. The viewer can see how many gift cards remain and decide to purchase as the amount of cash back increases. During the segment, some purchasers may even see their names scrolled across the screen.

“That Morning Show” is produced by iBC and was launched recently. The program can be seen from 6:00-9:00am (ET & PT), coast to coast, with episodes airing seven days a week.


Based in Irvine, CA, Intertainment Broadcasting Corporation (iBC), is a leading innovator in connecting retailers directly with consumers through interactive media. The company’s new morning television program, “That Morning Show,” broadcasts seven days a week, coast to coast, on E! Entertainment Television. Viewers of the show can purchase gift cards from a variety of retailers and receive a bonus “cash back” award with each purchase. iBC is backed by leading entrepreneurs and The Musser Group. For more information, visit


Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles by award winning graphics designer/producer Ronen Lasry, Full Mental Jacket specializes in the conception, development and implementation of 3D Real Time Graphics, Unique Digital Creative Presentations, and Cutting-Edge Technology Systems for entertainment, news, advertising, corporate and simulation training applications. Among the company’s major clients are E! Entertainment Television, FOX, NBC, ABC, FX, CNBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel and Discovery Kids, to name just some.

Full Mental Jacket is located at 4212 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90029. The phone is 323/774-1864, and the web is