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Fresh Editorial Wraps Up 2011 With Visually Stunning Campaigns For Lincoln MKS & Castello Cheese

Since opening its doors this fall, Fresh Editorial has launched into numerous projects without any sign of slowing down. Editor Richard Cooperman recently completed campaigns for Castello Cheese via Mother/London and Lincoln MKS through Team Detroit, as well as a music video for German industrial metal band Rammstein.

Lincoln MKS

“These projects demonstrate the versatility of Richard,” says Sean DeVeaux, Fresh Editorial Executive Producer/Partner. “They’re all completely different in terms of narrative structure and execution. He knows how to find the right rhythm and emotion for each project whether it involves visual storytelling, dialogue or comedy.”

Featuring actor John Slattery (“Mad Men”), the 2013 Lincoln MKS spot shows off the new luxury vehicle, exhibiting a balance of speed, style and functionality. The car’s continuously controlled damping (CCD) suspension is displayed through a CG-enhanced hard-corner sequence. From real-time to extreme slow motion, the camera moves through the wheel to the vehicle’s undercarriage, focusing on the suspension, and then out the other side of the car, back to real-time, in a single shot. The visual drama of the spot is enhanced by the sound design as the viewer travels through the MKS.

To view the Lincoln work, please visit:

“It was a pleasure working with director Emnet Mulugeta,” says Cooperman. “His design background was helpful in envisioning the layout of the graphics within the spot. Team Detroit was also very collaborative, realizing the common goal was to show off the MKS’ style and features, particularly the CCD suspension, while maintaining a creative, design-heavy tone throughout the piece.”

In Mother’s first TV and web campaign for Castello Cheese, we are introduced to the Marquis de Castello, a man with a passion for cheese, women and wild parties. Set in a lavish castle, the spot is set in the 18th Century with a modern twist. Each cheese brings a different mood to the party at the House of Castello seducing the revelers until dawn.

To view the “Marquis De Castello” spot, please go to:

The visual feast was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Madonna. Over 100,000 feet of film was shot for the campaign, which required a lot of organization upfront for Cooperman. The challenge was selecting the best performances and creating the different moods through specific footage.

“Creating a spot with only music and voiceover and no dialogue can be a challenge,” concludes Cooperman. “Finding the right music really helps to bring out the mood. There are a lot of images to show in a short amount of time, so it comes down to choosing the performances that will best convey the message. The collaboration with Jonas is always amazing. His ideas are very inspirational, and he always likes to push the boundaries of creativity. For this project, I was able to travel to London and work with Mother directly. Their team is made up of such wonderful creative people. This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.”

Client: Lincoln MKS

Airdate: November 2011

Ad Agency: Team Detroit/Detroit, MI
Creative Director: Ken Tadeo
Sr. Art Director: Andrew Smith
Copywriter: Marguerite Adragna
Executive Producer: Mike Stark
Producer: Lee Ann Luoto

Production Company: Social Studios/Los Angeles, CA
Director: Emnet Mulugeta
DP: Mitch Amundsen
Executive Producer: Michelle Maples
Producer: Rayna Saslove
Where shot: Los Angeles, CA

Editorial Company: Fresh Editorial/Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Richard Cooperman
Executive Producer: Sean DeVeaux

Client: Castello Cheese

Spot Title / Airdate: “Marquis De Castello” / October 2011

Ad Agency: Mother London

Production Company: RSA London
Director: Jonas Akerlund
DP: Tim Bret-Day
Producer: Scott Horan

Editorial Company: Fresh Editorial/Los Angeles, CA
Editor: Richard Cooperman
Executive Producer: Sean DeVeaux

Post Production: The Moving Picture Company, London

Sound Production: Siren, London

Music Production: Massive Music, Amsterdam

About Fresh Editorial:

Fresh Editorial is a bi-coastal studio dedicated to the art of visual storytelling. Headed by Executive Producer/Partner Sean DeVeaux, Fresh currently represents the editorial talents of Richard Cooperman and Todd Stewart, who have collaborated with some of the top directors in the industry, including Jonas Akerlund, Nigel Simpkiss, Henry-Alex Rubin, and Sam Mendes.

Bringing a vibrant and colorful energy to the editorial process, Fresh’s editors take a holistic approach to their work – as both storytellers and post directors. Recent clients include Jeep, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, K-Mart and Quiksilver.