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French Broadcaster 1ere Outre Mer Chooses Zylight LED Lighting to Keep Studios Cool and Energy Efficient

Hillsboro, OR –

Zylight LLC

, a leader in intelligent LED lighting for the film, television and broadcast industries, today announces that 1ere Outre Mer, a unit of the France Télévisions network, has purchased new Zylight LED lighting systems for its production facilities in Paris and in French-speaking territories around the globe. The environmentally-conscious Zylight LED systems will provide 1ere Outre Mer with a more flexible and controllable lighting solution, and deliver significant and much-needed energy savings.
The purchase, which includes more than 60 Zylight LED instruments, is part of a plan by 1ere Outre Mer to replace incandescent lighting equipment with LED systems at all of its production facilities in France and overseas over the next four years. Zylight IS3 LED systems are already in use at 1ere Outre Mer facilities on the island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, and in two facilities in Polynesia. 1ere Outre Mer facilities in Martinique and Reunion Island plan to begin using Zylight LED systems this year. 1ere Outre Mer produces a variety of live and recorded programming at its overseas broadcast facilities.

In modernizing its production lighting systems, 1ere Outre Mer made energy savings a key goal. Electricity costs are as much as three times higher at the broadcaster’s overseas operations than in France. Additionally, many are located in tropical climates and spend substantial portions of their budgets on air conditioning their production studios. The new Zylight IS3 units will help with both issues as they run cool and consume relatively little energy. The IS3 draws only 180 watts of power to produce the equivalent of 400 watts of light.
“We expect our investment in Zylight lighting to provide big dividends from a financial standpoint,� explained Christian Augerau, Technical Director for France Télévisions. “We expect to recoup our investment in less than a year through reduced energy costs.�
The Zylight IS3 instruments also provide much greater flexibility in lighting for production over 1ere Outre Mer’s previous incandescent lighting systems. A single IS3 instrument, for example, can produce either colored wash light or bright key light as needed. “We chose the IS3 because of its excellent spectral response,� Augerau said. “It is also very easy to install, work with and control. LED is the future of production lighting.�

Four-times brighter than other LED fixtures in its class, the IS3 combines Zylight’s unmatched color-mixing technology and high-quality construction to meet the demands of location and studio professionals who require an extremely bright and wide soft source, while offering all of the innovative features for which Zylight is renowned: fully dimmable with no color shift, adjustable color temperature and color correction, unlimited color control, integrated ZyLink™ wireless control, and rugged construction for years of reliable service.
The Zylight IS3 can be fully controlled via DMX through industry standard XLR connectors, or remotely via the built-in ZyLink™ wireless link. A USB port is included for field upgradeability and the built-in carry handle and shock absorption ensures rock-solid portability. At 18� x 11� x 2� the new IS3 can be powered by either AC or rechargeable battery.
Tricky on-location lighting situations are quickly mastered with the IS3’s adjustable 2500K-10000K color temperature and variable ±GREEN color correction. The easy to use built-in controls and sunlight-readable digital displays make set-up fast, with user-defined presets for storing your favorite settings.
All Zylight products are proudly made in the USA and are represented in France by Eurolight Systems.


About Zylight
Zylight LLC is the leading manufacturer of intelligent LED lighting instruments for the film and video production industry. Its easy-to-use lighting system is based on state-of-the-art technologies, producing fully calibrated bright white light, as well as any color, forever eliminating gels. Zylight was formed in 2004 to bring new levels of efficiency, flexibility, and creativity to the realm of film and video lighting. The company is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and all products are manufactured in the USA.