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Popular website for high-quality HD camera, lens, and accessories lets production professionals rate cameras and more. NEW YORK, N.Y., December 10, 2008 – HD Camera Guide is quickly becoming the one-stop source for interactive and video-rich information on leading HD cameras, lenses and accessories from companies that include Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Grass Valley, Red, Canon, Autoscript and many more. Now visitors can join for free, and in addition to accessing valuable purchasing information, provide their own commentary and ratings on all cameras, nominate products for the site’s “Quality Counts� award, submit videos for posting consideration, and even enter to win a Dell Computer. “We’ve created a community that supports and enhances the marketing of innovative products, which have long been the strength of the broadcast and cinematography business,� states Michael Grotticelli, Editor-in-Chief of HD Camera “In addition, by logging in, viewers can rate and comment on a wide range of HD cameras; information we will forward to the manufacturers for their review.� Since its recent introduction in November, HD Camera

has quickly grown in popularity. “There’s no other site in the high-quality video product industry that appears in more page 1 Google results for as many different keyword combinations and product searches as HD Camera Guide,� adds Grotticelli. “And since viewers can link to the manufacturer’s websites, while remaining on ours, we are attracting a substantial number of unique visitors. The need for an online resource that champions the highest quality cameras, lenses, and production accessories has never been greater, as advancements in technology continue to support the broadcast and movie-making communities in new and innovative ways. Better quality begets a better result. With the introduction of 1080/60p large screen TVs into the consumer marketplace, the need for broadcasters to repurpose content for distribution to multiple platforms, and the public’s hunger for better and more unique content, optimal-quality HD video is more critical than ever before. HD Camera Guide includes such features as exclusive video interviews, product-introduction videos, a video-rich Learning Center, an Interactive Lens Selector, pertinent news, and more. “There’s a lot of great HD equipment out there, and a wide range of support products, but it’s not always easy to determine what to buy,� states Grotticelli. HD Camera Guide is a single-source product-marketing site that connects buyers with products using informative videos, interactive tools, and exclusive content. And with Google, it’s easy to get here from there.� About

is free to users of all types, featuring an attractive, easy-to-use graphic interface that enables viewers to take advantage of product-specific information. Professionals are encouraged to visit and see for themselves what the excitement is all about. The manufacturers listed above are trademarked and/or registered names of those respective corporations, and have no ownership in HD Camera Guide.



Hawk-woods adds NEW batteries to their growing battery range at NAB 2019

Hawk-Woods batteries announces new ultra-small and lightweight additions to its Mini DV (MDV) and BPU battery line at NAB 2019. The MDV and BPU battery lines are a popular line of rechargeable batteries used to power everything from cameras, monitors and mixers. To support the growing power needs of camera operators, Hawk-Woods have doubled their range of MDV batteries, and are now offering a new 98Wh BP-U battery with dual output!