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Click here to watch the spot on DCPTV.

For Fox Sports, bringing televisions’ biggest sporting events to life in HD is always special, so when the On-Air team at Fox Sports in-house Marketing Group decided to unveil a new HD Identity piece they knew they wanted something that would feel entirely new, unique, and special. Their new ID needed to showcase the featured sports Fox broadcasts (the NFL, MLB, and NASCAR) and do so in a way that would illustrate the beauty and power of watching sports in HD. Vibrancy, color, clarity, and richness were the key design elements Fox Sports was looking for when they tapped on Amsterdam-based Renascent to create this piece for them. Working with Fox Sports CD’s Josh Nichols and Mark Simmons along with Fox Producer Keith Hritz, Renascent developed a stunning take on footage being shred into metallic ribbons. This new piece is slated to air at the start and close of every Fox Sports broadcast.


Design and Animation – Renascent
Fox Sports SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
Fox Sports Creative Director – Josh Nichols
Fox Sports Creative Director – Mark Denyer-Simmons
Fox Sports Producer – Keith Hritz
Fox Sports Sound Design – Mic Brooling

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