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Fox Sports Design and Method Labs team-up for the Bowl Championship Series on Fox.

We’ve always been huge fans of Method (naturally), and it was a thrill and an honor to have them come aboard and work with us on this cinematic epic of a spot. Creative Director Josh Nichols came up with a perfect visual metaphor for the season long chase for the college championship, a Maze. After developing the style frames in-house (thanks, Phillip Shtoll), Josh and EP Bill Battin brought the boards to Method and they jumped on board.

A practical maze set was built on a blue screen stage where 8 football players had nearly 40 wardrobe changes (to cover all the possible teams). After an intense one day shoot, we handed a locked cut to Method for them to work their magic. Within a really tight schedule, Method modeled, animated and composited the spot, while Fox Sports’ in-house composer Mic Brooling created a thrilling original score.

Method worked tirelessly to pull everything together and bring this to life, and Kevin Prendiville pulled off quite a bit of 2D magic in our Flame to help handle some serious last minute curveballs that had everyone scrambling. Stay tuned for more BCS Maze action as the college football season unfolds. The end is just the beginning…



:Method Labs
Visual Effects Executive Producer – Lisa Houck
Visual Effects Producer – Allyson Nevil
Visual Effects Shoot Supervision – Gil Baron, Rob Moggach
Lead 2D VFX Artist – Billy Higgens, Noah Caddis
CG Technical Supervisor – Hai Nguyen
3D VFX Artist – Matt Longwell, Phillip Hartman, Scott Metzger

Live Action

Director – Joshua Nichols
DP – Ueli Steiger
Producer – Marc Blitstein
Production Design & Art Direction – Paul Martin

Fox Sports

EVP Marketing – Eric Markgraf
SVP/Creative Director – Robert Gottlieb
Creative Director – Joshua Nichols
Executive Producer – Bill Battin
Coordinating Producer – Becky Schaefer
Editor – Junior McRae
Design – Phillip Shtoll
Flame Compositing (in-house) – Kevin Prendiville
Music and Sound Design – Mic Brooling