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Fox Soccer Report scores big with Full Mental Jacket virtual set

Full Mental Jacket has recently completed a redesign of the Fox Soccer Channel’s FOX SOCCER REPORT. The series, which offers daily updates, world news, highlights, analysis, stats and more, needed a new on-air look to mimic a big budget, big studio look while shooting in a small physical space on a modest budget.

After researching their options, Fox Soccer Channel’s producer decided on a virtual set as the best way to bring their wish list into reality. “FSN is a fast paced, highlights driven sports program that caters to a soccer crazed fan base, the hour is simply jam packed with highlights, scores and news from the international soccer community. The set simply has to keep up with the content and we decided early on that Virtual was the way to go. Full Mental Jacket delivered a VR product that met these demands” said Gerry Belec Director, Technology and Design Global Television

The set utilizes numerous video screens, exciting graphics and space for live commentators to react to on field action as games and highlights are presented. FMJ Creative Director Ronen Lasry designed the space using the network’s colors of gold, silver and brown and arranged components in order to take advantage of Fox’s trademark rapid-fire graphics.

“Fox has pioneered a look that makes informational programming interesting to watch�, said Lasry. “I wanted our work for the Soccer Report to reflect that overall sense of visual urgency.�

The new FMJ set is flexible from a production standpoint, allowing anchor teams to expand beyond their traditional two and three person configurations. The set includes areas for both desk centered and stand up reportage, plus foreground elements that can be moved quickly to create dramatic shots and angles.

About FSR
The Fox Soccer Report brings you the best soccer news and analysis from across the globe seven nights a week. The Report airs Monday through Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT.


About FMJ
Full Mental Jacket is the world’s leading design company creating virtual sets and realtime graphics for news, entertainment, simulation and corporate training applications.