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Final Cut Server and Metadata – Workflow Junkies launches first episode in three part series

Workflow Junkies starts their series on Final Cut Server. Much has been written and rumored about the Apple offering, but very little is understood. Workflow Junkies spent some time studying the program, the integration and the workflow. In the next few episodes they will look at FCS from several angles to help you make critical decisions in starting down this path.

This time, WFJ looks at the power of metadata and how it will dramatically change the production workflow forever. To truly understand the workflow potential of FCS you have to understand metadata and how the program uses it. From there, youʼll need to prepare for server integration by incorporating metadata into your workflow now. With the help of Jon Rutherford (Final Cut Server forum monitor and FCS supertech from Detroit-based MacProfessionals) WFJ separates fact from �ction and helps you lay the groundwork for a successful FCS workflow. Check it out at

Workflow Junkies