Filmworkers Club, Dallas, Helps Educate Teens on the Dangers of Pot

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DALLAS—Filmworkers Club provided post production services for a series of public service announcements offering teens stark warnings about the dangers of marijuana use. The spots were created by Austin agency GSD&M for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America as part of the ONDCP’s on-going “Above the Influence� campaign. Filmworkers Club’s Matt McClain performed final color correction setting striking, artfully crafted looks to support the spots’ portrayals of how drug use can affect teens’ lives. Each spot makes its point with powerful visuals. In one, marijuana use is represented by a teen who spins his own cocoon. He emerges from it at the end of the spot as a paunchy, bewildered middle aged man. “We kept the look cool and desaturated to reinforce the dismal feeling of a wasted life,� McClain said. “It has the feel of a ‘70s TV drama.�

The other spots make similar points, but in very different ways. The Fire spot shows several teens setting fire to things they cherish: a guitar, a car and a diploma. The voiceover notes that “marijuana costs you more than you think.� McClain also noted that in Fire, the color treatment used on the environment is cooler, setting up a sharp contrast with the flames. “Each spot has its own identity,� McClain said. “But none of them shows a warm and happy place.� “The spots deliver their message forcefully, and truthfully,� McClain said. “The agency did a great job in portraying the problem in a way that connects with a young audience.� Filmworkers Club, Dallas, is located at 3400 Carlisle Street, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75204. For more information, contact Executive Producer Rachael Turnage at (214) 754-9333 or visit