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The Filmworkers Club, Chicago, Purchases BrightDrive TxP Removable Drive and Media Recording Systems

Reno, Nevada, USA, April 22, 2008,

Bright Systems, Inc., developer of disk recording and data infrastructure technology, is today announcing that The Filmworkers Club, Chicago, has purchased a BrightDrive TxP removable drive system and a BrightDrive media recording system.

Filmworkers has facilities in Chicago, Nashville and Dallas offering complete telecine, visual effects and postproduction services. Both BrightDrive systems are installed in the Chicago branch which is spread over two separate premises some 10 blocks apart. BrightDrive TxP is used to transport media between the two sites.

Film scanning is carried out at Filmworkers’ main facility where a Spirit 2k is housed. Operators scan via a Grass Valley Bones directly to BrightDrive TxP’s Transportable diskpacks at 24 frames per second. A single TxP chassis holds up to 4 diskpacks, each with a 2.25TB capacity. When scanning is complete, operators simply take out the diskpacks, place them into Pelican cases and hand carry them across town to Filmworkers Astrolab where the bulk of the film work is carried out.

“We were initially talking with Bright about SAN infrastructure, but also needed an efficient, cost-effective method of moving our data from one side of town to the other, so it was a real bonus when Bright began shipping the TxP system,� said Charlie Langrall, general manager, The Filmworkers Club. “It provides a very elegant and affordable solution comprising a set of lightweight, dockable diskpacks designed specifically for high speed ingesting and offloading large amounts of data.�

Filmworkers’ DI grading theatre is equipped with a range of state of the art facilities, including 5.1 surround sound, an NEC 1600 digital projector, and 35 mm and 16 mm projectors. Media is loaded from the Transportable diskpacks directly to the new BrightDrive media recording system which is configured with a TxP docking station. BrightDrive makes the media available in real-time 2k to da Vinci Resolve operators for color grading. A Mac-based client is also attached to the BrightDrive infrastructure.

“Bright Systems is an expert in high performance media recording technology and their BrightDrive solution is perfect for DI work,â€? continued Langrall. “Its delivery of media to our teams of operators is smooth and fast. We’ve also been impressed by Bright’s support staff throughout the installation process.â€?


About The Filmworkers Club

About Bright Systems
Bright Systems was founded in 1999 to design and develop advanced infrastructure systems for data-intensive environments. Based in Reno, Nevada, a centre associated with important milestones in the development of video disk recording, Bright Systems provides a range of extremely high-performance file servers capable of record/playback of real-time uncompressed video and data streams. With its unique expertise in advanced engineering and facility integration/workflow, Bright Systems is able to deliver a significant competitive edge to the postproduction industry.