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Film Riot and Triune Films’ Creator, Ryan Connolly, Unleashes ‘Film Riot’s Epic Summer’ Film Project

Connolly Teams Up with Indie Filmmakers Seth Worley and Andrew Kramer for “Epic Summer” of New Short Films and Complete Behind-the-Scenes Series

Film Riot ( and Triune Films founder/creator, Ryan Connolly, announced today the launch of “Film Riot’s Epic Summer,” a three month film project created to showcase the work of three up-and-coming indie film directors. For this ambitious event, Connolly is teaming up with Andrew Kramer – renown among the filmmaker community and the creator of Video Copilot;  and Seth Worley, who has earned national acclaim for his work with Red Giant Films and such viral indie films as “Plot Device” and the recent sensation, “Old/New” featuring narration by Patton Oswald.

A teaser video for the Film Riot Epic Summer can be viewed here:

“I got the idea for ‘Film Riot’s Epic Summer’ while on set of a friends latest film. I’ve always thought that observing an individual filmmaker’s can be extremely educational, so why not contrast three different filmmakers and their individual process, one month after the other,” said Ryan Connolly, creator of Film Riot and the Film Riot Epic Summer.  “Seth, Andrew and I all have somewhat similar styles, but we all have very different voices and completely different methods for approaching an idea – and that is what’s most exciting to me. We won’t just be releasing three great short films, we will also be showing the blood, sweat and tears that went into it and how each filmmaker dealt with the difficulties that inevitably come from any creative endeavor.” 

3 films from 3 directors over 3 months

Film Riot’s Epic Summer will be a three month event – beginning in April – that will showcase three new films from each of the three directors. In addition to the premiere of these new films,  ‘Epic Summer’ will dive into the process of each filmmaker to see how they made their film, with each film being accompanied by a month-long series of Behind The Scenes films that will dive deep into the techniques and challenges of making each film.

On April 2, 2015, Ryan Connolly will kick off the event with an original new short film, followed by a entire month of behind the scenes shorts. Following that on May 7, 2015, Seth Worley’s short will be released, followed by a month of behind the scenes/how-to episodes about how Seth made the film. And on June 4, 2015, Andrew Kramer’s short film and subsequent behind the scenes series will be released.

All short films and their behind the scenes series can be viewed on the Film Riot YouTube channel here:

The main idea behind the event is deeply rooted in the original mission for Film Riot, one of the most popular YouTube channels for DIY Filmmaking, is to take a look at the different approach each of the three independent filmmakers take to creating. With every film release there will be a full month of behind the scenes and how-to’s, showing how the directors overcame challenges, as well as a look into the technical aspects that went into making the film.

About Ryan Connolly

After film school, Ryan started out in a fairly typical fashion: creating music videos and commercials for local clients. He then went on to run the video studio at PC game company, Alienware. But rather than continue following the typical path of many aspiring filmmakers, Connolly came up with the idea to create Film Riot, an online show that would let him share how-to filmmaking tips, get feedback on his work, and ultimately build an audience and a community. Today, his renegade style has earned him a loyal online following of over half a million and his company Triune Films continues to produce weekly online video content like Film Riot and Variant as well as short films, such as the successful TELL, LOSSES, and PROXiMITY.

About Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen. For more information or to join the over 600,000 subscribers to the Film Riot YouTube channel, please visit