Felix Design Video Helps Dow Chemical Communicate With Employees

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Philadelphia-- Like many companies making life-changing business decisions, when Dow Chemical Company transformed its Coating Materials division, they realized that seamlessly integrating its employee cultures meant they needed a unique and enhanced communications strategy. Dow Coating Material’s communications and human resources departments created the theme “Are You In?” and asked Philadelphia-based Felix Design to design and produce a video that prompted employees to explain how they and Dow “can make a difference” and how the world would be different if they and Dow weren’t there. “The idea,” said Felix Design’s Penny Ashman, “was to provide a video for employee meetings and company websites that would inspire meaningful conversation, to get people talking about what the future of Dow could be like and to make people realize their importance to the company.” The video spotlights employees from across a variety of job positions in the U.S., the Middle East and Europe who simply and candidly address the camera with their real thoughts and feelings, both humorous and serious. The video has been translated into 15 languages. The video was shot by Felix Design at research and office facilities in Pennsylvania, a manufacturing plant in North Carolina and a trade show in Germany, according to Felix’s Daniela Kuehn. Felix handled editorial. Using After Effects, the studio framed the entire video with a smooth flow of design elements embracing subtle color shapes and splashes while integrating images alongside employee comments that gave workplace and geographic context. “We wanted to give the eye something pleasing to do,” said Kuehn. “And a kind of homespun music score, which we produced, really tops things off.” “Felix Design does something few other creative agencies can or even think to do, which is to tell powerfully real and emotional stories, “says Carmen Ferrigno Global Communications Director for Dow Coating Materials. “For our 2,600 employees, this is more than a nice video; it’s a chance for them to see themselves and the value they add to the world in the products we invent and produce. And we could not have done it without Felix.” Credits Production Company: Felix Design Penny Ashman, Creative Director Daniela Kuehn, Art Director Producers: Daniela Kuehn, Michele Valkov Director: Jody Miller Director of Photography: Alan Friedlander, Al Francesco Editor: Chip Schofield Original Music: Michael Aharon, Quiver Design and Animation: Felix Design Equipment/software: Mac Pro Adobe- Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop About Felix Design Felix is a broadcast design company built on a foundation of creativity, collaboration and versatility. The studio creates brand identity and motion graphics for networks, TV shows and broadcast advertising. Inspired by a clean design aesthetic and a belief in the power of collaboration, Felix customizes each project’s visual approach and production team to arrive at a final product that far exceeds the expected. Working with teams of project related specialists, Felix provides its clients with the following services: direction, art direction, broadcast design, graphic design, production design, web design, 2D and 3D animation, cinematography, editing, music composition and sound design. Contact: Lanny Sher, 323-653-0380;



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