FEEDTHEWALRUS Right on Target for Big Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

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Black Friday is almost here, and with big sales come big advertising campaigns to promote them - and perhaps no one is going bigger this year than Target, which is launching a massive TV and interactive campaign cut by editorial standouts FEEDTHEWALRUS. Working via Wieden+Kennedy, FEEDTHEWALRUS expertly assembled the campaign's 12 broadcast spots, 11 Web films and their spinoffs, and countless Web banner ads, which will promote the chain leading up to and during its highly anticipated Two-Day Sale.

The humorous TV campaign shot by Hungry Man's Wayne McClammy and interactive components by Don't Act Big Director Jason Kreher - revolves around a slightly crazed woman, amping up for the sale as though she were preparing for an intense athletic competition. The mix of broadcast :15s and :30s capture her building her thighs on an elliptical, crafting a gingerbread Target store, towing weighted-down shopping carts down a suburban street, and reading the chain's circular aloud to a group of Christmas ornaments as though it were a classic holiday tale.

"This huge campaign required an incredible commitment from everyone on our staff, and I'm happy to say that - with the help of the pros at Wieden and Hungry Man - we were able to get it done," noted FEEDTHEWALRUS Editor and cofounder Adam Jenkins. "Since our launch, one of our main goals at FEEDTHEWALRUS has been to develop our mobile capabilities so that we could go into any studio in the world and churn our work as good as what we make in New York and LA. After cutting from two very talented directors for a very important campaign for a very high-profile client, I think all parties agree: mission accomplished."





Client: Target

Spot Title(s):

Montage :30


Chorus, No Oversleeping, 4am, Elliptical, Gingerbread, Preparing, Prices, Running, Story

Air Date: November 2010

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland OR

AD: Rob Kendall

CD(s): Monica Taylor, Kathy Hepinstall

Copywriter: Jason Kreher

EP: Ben Grylewicz

Producer(s): Hayley Goggin, Melanie Fedunok

Production Co: Hungry Man

Director: Wayne McClammy


Editor: Adam Jenkins

Assistant: Patrick Carroll

EP: Christie Price

Telecine: Moving Picture Company

Online: Liquid

Artist: Jim Bohn

Producer: Terry O'Gara

Mix: LIME Studios

Engineer: Dave Wagg


Client: Target


Disguise, Gingerbread, Facebook, Countdown, GPS, One Day, Perfect Gift, Internet, Nutcracker, Franznela, Deals With It

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland OR

AD: Matt Moore

Copywriter: J. Smith

Producer: Hayley Goggin

Associate Producer: Jennifer Hundis

Production Co: Don't Act Big

Director: Jason Kreher

EP: Emily Fincher


Editor: Adam Jenkins

Assistant: Patrick Carroll

EP: Christie Price

VFX Artist: Tim Bird

Producer: Terry O'Gara

Colorist: Laura Jans Fazio

Mix: Dig One, Portland OR


As brands, creative teams and producers face new and unique challenges, FEEDTHEWALRUS offers a totally new business paradigm that helps sort through the challenges and complexities of the post production space. FEEDTHEWALRUS - founded by like-minded, award-winning Editors Adam Jenkins and Jeff Stevens - houses a unique collective of top-notch editors, producers, 2D/3D and VFX artists, assistant editors and digital specialists that will evolve alongside the industry; working collectively or individually to solve client's creative or technical challenges. Members work together or separately, in their house or yours, creating high-quality content for traditional and new media workflows. The collective is streamlined, flexible and strives to make it easier for clients to work across multiple platforms, providing creative and technical solutions spanning the spectrum of commercials, web content, music videos, features and broadcast TV.

FEEDTHEWALRUS. Funny name. Great people.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA) trustcollective.com