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FEEDTHEWALRUS Creates Web Content for Evenflo

Coming off a massive TV and interactive campaign, completed remotely in a

Portland studio

with Wieden+Kennedy and promoting

Target’s Black Friday sales

, FEEDTHEWALRUS recently returned to their home base of NYC to complete a comprehensive package of branded video content and web banners for baby products giant Evenflo. The collective handled all editorial, web design, and post and effects for the humorous campaign – with Editor Robert Mead and Web Designer Caspar Newbolt at the helm.

George Wieser from LoCam and Bob Ciosek at Bold Studios brought the project to FEEDTHEWALRUS. “Both were looking for a studio with a similar ethos; one that thought about things in unique ways,” noted FEEDTHEWALRUS cofounder Adam Jenkins. “We turned out to be exactly the company that could fulfill their digital needs with a simple, professional workflow.”

The videos range from :15 teasers to more involved, 1:30 stories.

How to Get Rid of that New Mom Smell

follows the adventures of a harried mother trying to get through daily chores and maintain her basic hygiene as she’s marooned at home with her newborn.

How to Make Sure Your Kid Isn’t Picked Last

features the same tot’s father rising at dawn to put her through an epically ridiculous series of exercises.

How to Raise a Genius Without Being Stupid

portrays the mom waving French and English translation dictionaries in front of her baby.

How to Make Nappy Time Happy Time

chronicles the parents’ struggle to find some alone time, until discovering the Evenflo ExerSaucer’s


ability to keep their baby occupied during more intimate moments.

“By combining the many moving parts of an advertising campaign under one roof – for example, with our strong web development and editorial capabilities – we are creating distinct advantages for our clients,” said cofounder Jeff Stevens. “Communication is vastly simpler because they are dealing with just one producer and one creative team. This saves time, money and headaches for all involved.”


to view the full campaign.



Client: Evenflo

Spot Title(s):

How to Get Rid of that New Mom Smell, How to Raise a Genius Without Being Stupid, How to Make Sure Your Kid Isn’t Picked Last, How To Make Nappy Time Happy Time

Air Date: December 2010

Agency: Bold Studios

CD, EP: Bob Ciosek

Writer: Jess Ciosek

Prod Co: LoCam

Director: Bob Ciosek

DP: George Wieser


Editor: Robert Mead

EP: Joy Copeland

Producer: Desiree Cobb


Design/Animation: Caspar Newbolt

Flash Programming: Giles Copp


Designer/Animator: Robert Mead

Telecine Co: Nice Shoes

Colorist: Steve Gatti

Producer: Pat Portela

Music Co: APM

Audio Post Co: Mophonics

Mixer: Weston Fonger

EP: Joy Copeland


As brands, creative teams and producers face new and unique challenges, FEEDTHEWALRUS offers a totally new business paradigm that helps sort through the challenges and complexities of the post production space. FEEDTHEWALRUS – founded by like-minded, award-winning Editors Adam Jenkins and Jeff Stevens – houses a unique collective of top-notch editors, producers, 2D/3D and VFX artists, assistant editors and digital specialists that will evolve alongside the industry; working collectively or individually to solve client’s creative or technical challenges. Members work together or separately, in their house or yours, creating high-quality content for traditional and new media workflows. The collective is streamlined, flexible and strives to make it easier for clients to work across multiple platforms, providing creative and technical solutions spanning the spectrum of commercials, web content, music videos, features and broadcast TV.

FEEDTHEWALRUS. Funny name. Great people.

More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)