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Familiar Look, New Technology: The New ADAM Matrix from RTS

The styling may be familiar, but under the hood the electronics have been optimized and new features and options added, setting the latest generation of the Advanced Digital Audio Matrix (or ‘


’) apart from its predecessors. The RTS developers have also succeeded in making the system, which is used by leading broadcasters worldwide, even more stable and user-friendly. The new


generation employs the

AIO-16 sixteen-channel analogue input/output card

, two new

master controllers

, two clock masters and (in the interests of maximum reliability) two specially designed power supplies.


AIO-16 Sixteen-Channel Analogue I/O Card

The new

AIO-16 input/output card

has twice the capacity of its predecessor, the


, offering 16-channels of audio (input/output) and an individual


option per port. The card is also equipped with one data driver per port and can be operated with individual data drivers or else in the existing multi-drop mode. The various rear cards (


, MDR…) support both these operating modes. Needless to say the cards are all hot-swappable.
With the


, it is possible to implement


with 272 ports in a single 7


frame, 512 ports in two frames, or 720 ports in three frames, making the


the world champion in terms of capacity-to-bulk ratio. In accordance with the RTS development philosophy, the


is 100% compatible with the




, and


cards, which means they can be combined freely and operated side by side within a single frame.

MCII-E Master Controller

Employing state-of-the-art signal processing technology, the

MCII-E Master Controller

is even more powerful than its predecessor and is therefore able to perform its functions — controlling, managing and monitoring the system and all connected


— more swiftly and more reliably. With a modular construction based on standard plug-in storage cards for maximum flexibility and expandability, the

MCII-E Master Controller

is designed to adapt to future needs and developments.
In addition to the familiar and well-established interfaces,


is equipped with an Ethernet port, making it easy to configure


over a




and download firmware updates swiftly. Using the latest configuration software, up to 30 users can log-on with their own passwords via Ethernet and configure the matrix individually.


With the new technology and a doubling of the number of ports comes the need for more power. To take account of this — and maximize operational security into the bargain — the RTS team has developed new power supply units for the latest


generation. Taking no chances, they decided to give each frame two of the powerful new units.
To guarantee redundancy right down the line, the new


is equipped not only with independent


but also with two

master controllers

as well as two clock masters, and all


cards and both

master controllers

employ identical hardware and firmware. The result is maximum operational security, optimal power handling and as user-friendly an interface as you could wish for.

ADAM matrices

have for years been regarded by leading broadcasters such as NBC as an indispensable tool for the transmission of audio signals in


quality and have been used at major sporting events all over the world — notably the Olympic Games and Super Bowl.
For more information, visit the RTS Intercom website: