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Boston, MA – February 13, 2008 -

Eye Scream Factory, the Boston-based creative team providing automation design templates for media hobbyists and professionals, has made available a free Valentine’s Day DVD Menu and packaging design Template. Perfect for Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions, the Valentine template set includes: * Main and Chapter DVD menu templates * HD (1920 and 1280), NTSC, PAL, and DV DVD menu templates * Matching 300 dpi DVD disc label and case insert templates * Matching HD, NTSC, PAL, and DV background images * Mac and PC compatible * Templates require Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Encore for editing The free download includes a total of 27 templates. Through February 29, 2008, these free templates are available for download from the Eye Scream Factory web site:


The Eye Scream Factory web site includes tutorials that describe how to use the DVD menu templates in conjunction with Apple DVD Studio Pro, Apple iDVD, and Adobe Encore.

About Eye Scream Factory Properties

Eye Scream Factory products automate the design and development of professional DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. These stunning DVD menu and packaging designs can easily be modified using Adobe Photoshop and imported into leading DVD creation software. The menu templates may also be directly modified in Adobe Encore; this streamlined process offers tremendous time savings for any videographer.

About Eye Scream Factory, Inc.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Eye Scream Factory is a provider of time-saving design templates for DVD menus, disc labels, and case inserts. By using Eye Scream Factory's professional, high-quality DVD art, videographers are able to create eye-catching, polished DVD menus and packaging in minutes. The company's products are ideal for wedding videographers, corporate and event videographers, prosumers, and hobbyists.

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