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Innovative Model Matches Independent Design Directors with Powerhouse Production at Engine Room

Los Angeles, CA – (August 20, 2008) — This week marks the official launch of Engine Design, a new hybrid broadcast design experience that pairs leading design directors with the power of sister visual effects and animation company Engine Room.

As both a live action and high-end CG house, Engine Room collaborates with today’s top network on-air teams, feature film marketing departments, independent production companies and ad agencies. The addition of Engine Design is a response to client demand for concept and design direction as part of the creative palette with an innovative model that allows for multiple design directors to pitch on each project.

While still in its development phase, Engine Design successfully tested this methodology with several eye-catching graphics projects for HBO including World Championship Boxing, Boxing After Dark, and HBO Documentary Films. It was also demonstrated with this year’s Promax/BDA Awards Show package, a beta test project for Engine Design. The Show Package, which is entirely 3D, includes elements of character animation, architecture and other whimsical features. It was produced by Engine Design in conjunction with sister group Engine Room.

“Having had the opportunity to work as a DP and effects supervisor with so many talented broadcast and motion graphic artists, I have a deep appreciation for great design. We are now in the wonderful position to widen our scope with design and production for this creative realm,� says Engine Room Founder Dan Schmit. “By collaborating with select independent designers, Engine Design offers everything from compelling creative to unparalleled production value for any project from broadcast to theatrical.�

The Entourage promo, Engine Design’s kick-off project, is as bold and playful as the popular show, but with the characters visualized in comic book form. To achieve the look, Engine Design hired illustrator Ian Slack who rendered the concept drawings in marker. Engine Design then conducted a live action shoot with body doubles of the show’s stars to capture the physical nature of each for the desired animated graphic illustrations. Meanwhile, publicity and show stills of the actors from were pulled as photo references for the faces of their comic likenesses. Finally, a team of illustrators replicated Slack’s hand hewn style in Photoshop laying images over a rough cut until the final project came vividly to life. The project debuted on Saturday, August 16th and will run through September.

To view the Entourage Promo and for more information on Engine Design please visit:


Engine Design is represented by the Ashy Agency: 323.782.6924.