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Santa Monica, CA, October 13, 2006- Endless Noise, one of the leading original music and sound design production companies in America specializing in commercials, TV programs, films, and multi-media projects, has created and produced original music featured in three new 30-second TV spots promoting Major League Baseball. The announcement was made today by Endless Noise founder/Creative Director Jeff Elmassian.

For client McCann-Erickson Worldwide, based in New York, Endless Noise created and produced original music for three 30-second spots, which are entitled “Cabinet,” “College” and “Tree.” The spots, which feature former LA Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, were inspired by Major League Baseball‘s marketing executives Tim Brosnan and Jacqueline Parkes. The spots were designed to encourage baseball fans not to give up on watching the playoffs just because their favorite teams didn‘t make the final cut.

In “Cabinet,” Lasorda talks to a woman in her kitchen, where he encourages both her husband and her father to stop hiding in the cabinets even though their favorite Cleveland Indians aren‘t in the playoffs. In “College,” Lasorda coaxes a female Boston Red Sox fan out of her bathroom, and in “Tree,” Lasorda tries to coax a Chicago Cubs fan out of a tree.








Regarding the music for these spots, Elmassian said, “The brief for us was to create a track that defined the girl as a character, made the spot fully, but left room for Tommy to do his thing. It had to be some kind of an organ because of the visual cue. So I came up with the idea of a gospel/inspirational feel because it reinforces Lasorda as a preacher proselytizing from the baseball pulpit.”

Endless Noise worked on the 3 spots with McCann-Erickson executive producer Greg Lotus. Lotus said, “We had the idea of a little girl being Tommy‘s sidekick, accompanying him where ever there was a fan in hiding. Her part would be to play an organ with music inspired from typical ballpark organ music. I‘ve worked with Jeff many times in the past and can always rely on him to dig a little deeper into the idea. His first demo used that ‘baseball organ sound‘ but he

played it in a way that was more reminiscent of a Gospel kind of feel.....it really gave the feeling of “can I get an Amen” and reinforced Tommy Lasorda as the voice of reason to the troubled fans.”

He adds,”Jeff made some revisions per the client comments which were approved internally and by the client, but I really had heart for the original piece that he did. I asked Jeff, even though everyone was happy, if he would take another crack at it to incorporate some of the original feeling....of course he was more than happy to do it and it was a major improvement and made everyone very happy with the final result.”


First Airdate of Commercials: September 23, 2006


Final Cut, New York City

Editor: Sarah Iben

Production Company:

Epoch Films, Los Angeles

Director: Stacy Wall

Exec. Producer: Jerry Solomon

DP: Tami Reiker

Producer: John Duffin

Where shot: Two spots in Long Beach, CA, and the third in Los Angeles

Advertising Agency:

McCann-Erickson Worldwide, New York

Creative Director/Copywriter: Peter Jones

Senior Producer: Greg Lotus

Art Director: Chris Cereda

WAS Stock Footage Company Used: NO


Transferred at The Mill, New York City

Colorist: Tom Poole

Producer: Angela Botta

Online Editor: Russ Bigsby, Nice Shoes, New York City

Visual Effects:

End Tag Designed by: Guava, New York

Design Director: Jay Sienkwicz

Music Production Company:

Endless Noise, Santa Monica, CA

Creative Director: Jeff Elmassian

Executive Producer: Dayna Turcotte

Composer/Arranger: Andy Rehfeldt

Audio Post:

Endless Noise, Santa Monica, CA

Mixer: Erik Schuiten


Founded by renowned musician/composer Jeff Elmassian, music and sound design company Endless Noise, based in Santa Monica, CA, composes and produces innovative and cutting-edge music and sound design for commercials, TV programs, films, and multi-media projects. The company has recently produced music for Lexus, Ask.com, Adidas, Nike and others.

Building on its Grammy, 2003 Cannes Gold Lion/”Excellence in Music,” Clio, AICP, D&AD, London International Advertising, International ANDY, International Monitor, and One Show Award-winning accomplishments and its solid track-record working with leading entertainment companies and ad

agencies, Endless Noise offers the proven ability to create the perfect music and sound design for the world‘s most ambitious projects.

Endless Noise is located at 1453 Third Street Promenade, # 320, Santa Monica, CA. 90401. For more information, please call Dayna Turcotte at 310/566-1463, or visit