Season two of Hulu’s acclaimed drama “Marvel’s Runaways” finds the six super-powered teenagers on the run and figuring out a way to take down their supervillain parents, otherwise known as the PRIDE. Encore Senior Colorist Bob Festa, who handled color finishing for the first season, provided the show’s fresh, more dramatic new look for season two, which was mastered and delivered in HDR Dolby Vision

Working closely with season two cinematographer Dave Perkal, ASC, Festa created a custom show LUT. “Part of my job was to take the great elements from season one and graft those together with our new approach to season two,” explained Festa. “The look had to be strong, bold, and graphic, with super crushed blacks and seared whites; we were not afraid of saturated color.”

Festa went on to add that Perkal’s expertise helped elevate the overall image of the series’ sophomore season. “Dave’s choices in terms of color combinations, lighting schemes and ratios made for really fantastic-looking footage.”

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You can catch all episodes of season one and two of “Marvel’s Runaways” on Hulu.