Director Lars Klevberg updates iconic slasher film “Child’s Play” for today’s hyper-connected world with a fresh take on the tale of a sinister toy doll on a murderous rampage. In honing the film’s final look, Encore Vancouver Senior Colorist Claudio Sepulveda worked with Cinematographer Brendan Uegama to draw out details in darker scenes, seamlessly integrate visual effects enhancements, and maintain cohesion across tension-escalating quick cuts.


“Brendan and I have worked on several projects together, so we had a running start. We were able to accomplish a lot of work quickly because of this and created some really interesting looks that help modernize this familiar story in a way that I think will resonate with both longtime fans and new audiences,” Sepulveda said.

For consistency, Sepulveda focused on maintaining a specific eye color for the doll throughout, blue at first and later red, and adjusting their color intensity for key moments. He also helped visually raise the stakes in the climatic warehouse scene and unify the film’s overall aesthetic by adding subtle digital film grain, a creative decision from Klevberg.


Sepulveda explained, “The warehouse scene was shot neutral, then Brendan was inspired to differentiate the spaces with color during the finish. I love the way that the blue spills into yellow and how added green punches up the florescent lighting; it worked out really well, and isn’t too obvious. The film grain ties everything together and really adds to the mood.”

Sepulveda completed the color finish for “Child’s Play” at Encore’s Vancouver facility, with Candice Kim serving as DI Producer. Encore Editor Jay Harada handled the conform.

“Child’s Play” released in theaters on June 21, 2019. For more info, visit: